Inspiration From The Vortex.

Coming your way once a week, join me on a whimsical, informative and at times profound journey into the depths of healing the soul………..mine……..yours………..the whole planet!


An Earth Angel And His Van!

van-strandedIt’s been a crazy week of moving madness as my Beloved and I settle into our temporary lodgings with my mother. And as I reflect upon the shifting sands of our travels there is a moment that my mind keeps returning to. At a quarter to one last Wednesday we were surrounded by boxes and feeling good about our progress when my Beloved took a fateful call. The van that was supposed to be moving our stuff was sitting on the side of the road and was not going to be moving anything anytime soon! In that moment I felt my calm deepening in response to the sudden crisis. I had no idea what we were going to do but that we would come up with a good answer to this quandary was never in any doubt. Nice to know that when the chips are down I can be counted upon not to lose it completely!

bubble love

We took a moment to hold each other and let the feelings that were swirling around do their thing, then we hit the phones and the computer. It took a couple of hours but there was eventually a call from a man who might have thought I was quite mad if he wasn’t the charitable fellow that he is. I was quite euphoric and a little bit crazy and to me he was an angel surrounded in radiance, coming to save the day! And he not only brought his van and his strong  back, he also brought a positive uplifting attitude that was completely in alignment with my visions of his halo. Quite apart from getting the job done we enjoyed connecting with a lovely member of our community whom I now know a little better than I did before.


So seeming disaster turns into delight as we continue to navigate the constant sea of change, entering into a new chapter brimming with potential. There was a movie with Jeff Bridges thirty-two years ago called “Starman”in which the protagonist is asked what he has observed about humans in the time he has been running from the authorities. His answer has always stuck with me: “You are at your very best when things are worst.” So perhaps there is a design in the insanity that seems to be currently running the world, maybe things have to get really, really bad before people will recognise the need for change. And it does seem that we have reached that place by now, Spirit waits for our response and to see if we can find that deeper intelligence which manifests as compassion.


In the meantime my Beloved and I wait to hear from our new landlords and continue to make progress on our wedding and the other myriad things that are in process. And if I am tempted to go into overwhelm I simply recall that moment when my calm got so much deeper. As always relaxation and awareness make life so much easier to navigate!

The Light Of Awareness And The Sea Of Old Regret!

waiting-for-a-waveI feel like the surfer who is waiting out to sea for that truly big wave to come sweeping through taking everything in it’s path into a brand new day. Tomorrow we finish the packing, the next day we will be moving most of our stuff into storage at the home of one of our beautiful and generous friends. Then after a couple of weeks staying with my mother we will be moving into our new home in the bush. Sounds simple and is fairly straightforward but doesn’t ‘feel’ that way in this moment, there is so much more to moving than the physical side of things although most would probably say that’s enough in itself!


Since coming to our safe haven after the trials and tribulations of the “Prison Farm” I have been very conscious of being grateful for the lovely space that we’ve been living in for the last four months. In the past I’ve needed reminders but I can safely say that not a day has gone by in our current abode without me bringing that sense of gratitude into conscious awareness. And somehow that makes it much easier to move on, when you have truly savoured the moment that you are in it becomes much easier to let go of when the time comes. This is an excellent example of how mindfulness can help us in our everyday life, with navigating the constant sea of change. When you bring the full light of awareness to every moment there is much less chance of getting lost in the dried up old sea of regret


Of course bringing that light into your life will illuminate all the areas that haven’t yet been explored and may show you some of what is getting in the way of the full expression of your life force. This is what stops many from truly examining what lies within and it is easy to fall back into old patterns, endless repetitive loops of thoughts and feelings. It seems easier to fall back but the larger truth is that remaining locked into your small self is a recipe for misery and regret. Breaking out requires enormous courage but if you can truly understand the emptiness of the alternative it may be a little easier to find the motivation for change. And if you stick at it even when it doesn’t feel like anything is changing you will notice shifts over time, and possibly learn a thing or two about the concept of patience!

breaking free

Then once you are fully launched into this new way of being there will be times when you are amazed at how everything is falling into place, like magic. And when it doesn’t happen like that you will know to wait and see, sometimes Spirit understands the way that we need to move forward in particular situations a lot better than we do ourselves. This isn’t a recipe for living “happily ever after”, it is a way of ensuring that we get the most out of our current incarnation in the world. The happiness is a by-product of a life well lived and as such there will be sorrow at times too. All part of the wonderful opportunity known as being in a body on Planet Earth! Aho!




Rainbows, Rainbows…And More Rainbows!

RainyDaysI slept well last Friday night but I did wake up a couple of times and each time that I did I could hear the sound that every marketeer dreads, relentless rain drops pelting from the sky! When the alarm went off at 5.30am it was still dark although the dawn was beginning to show and that lovely delicate light was illuminating sheets of water and a grey sky full of clouds. I lay in bed and wondered if it was even worth getting up at all. The thought that all our careful preparation might be for nought felt like a heavy  weight in my belly, ripe with disappointment. But I am nothing if not stubborn, just ask my Beloved and he will definitely confirm that this is a true fact. So we got up and started getting ready anyway and as we did so the day began to improve slowly but surely.

By the time we got to the Crystal Waters Market the world had been washed clean and fresh including the clear blue sky and I was feeling much more positive about our debut. We got a perfect spot next to a beautiful tree and proceeded to set up our stall in the warm sunshine. It’s been a long time since I did anything like this but your body remembers what to do even when the mind can’t recall. And making our stall into a gorgeous display was the easiest thing in the world, simply hanging up the stock so it can be seen does the job as you can see from the photos. My Beloved and I were happy as pigs in the mud as we talked to the people who came by to check us out. There were many reasons for our joy but I realised that spending the day surrounded by all that colour and all the fractals was a big part of how happy I was.

Science has a bit of catching up to do but even in the mainstream it is accepted that being out in Nature is good for your health. There are many factors involved here but the fact that nature is positively bursting with fractals is most likely a key element in the beneficial effects that people experience. So having a stall full of these kinds of shapes will only add to the happy health benefits that are sure to unfold as my Beloved and I navigate this new pathway of ours. I’ve included a link to a brief article that explains what fractals are and why being around them is good for us:

Fractals and Health

And if you just want to sit back and enjoy amazing, colourful patterns then search for fractals on You Tube, hours of healthy viewing to be found with ease. Enjoy the fractal journey!

fractal rainbows

Riding The Wave Of Change!

We live in a  world made of energy and mine feels like it is forming into a giant wave for my Beloved and I to ride into a wondrous new beginning! We are starting a new business, looking for a new place to live, and planning a wedding, all at the same time. Feels a bit overwhelming sometimes but overall it feels like positive energy that is emerging from all the deep inner work that we have been doing this year. Many people shy away from going deep within as it often means having to sit with uncomfortable feelings. Without an understanding of the process they think that inner work must be negative as it seems only to lead to difficult feelings. That can certainly be true in the short term but if you are prepared to persist then it is possible for the discomfort to be dissolved and for space to be made so new energies can come in.

spiritual awakening

I describe the persistence as being ‘bloody minded’ and it is a quality that I seem to have in great abundance even as there has been scarcity in other parts of my belief systems. Even when it seemed like nothing would ever change I stuck to my inner journey and I felt the horrible feelings. What I have noticed as I progress is that it becomes easier and easier to bring awareness to my body and to my mind, to see the patterns in my behaviour and thoughts. This is essentially because there is less getting in the way of my being able to see what is going on in the moment that I am in. So I am now in a space where I can allow myself to receive great abundance from Spirit and I can be open to that flow in whatever form it arrives in.

Rainbow Gnome.So one of the shapes of our new beginning is full of vibrant rainbow coloured clothing, partnered with wise and funny words from the Rainbow Gnome. It is still forming at the moment but we will be launching with what we do have on the first Saturday in September at the Crystal Waters Market. I did not expect to be doing markets again but I couldn’t resist the lure of the rainbow, which may indeed lead to a pot of gold for my Beloved and I. We love hanging out together and if we can combine that with a fun and profitable business then life is going to become even more abundant than it already is. This picture of the Rainbow Gnome will give you an idea of what I am talking about! The album of poems entitled “Tales of the Rainbow Gnome” will be available soon as well so get ready for everything rainbow coming to a market near you. And as always, there’s more. But that will do for now, I will keep you posted on the exciting new developments.

pot of gold rainbow

Sweet Potato Brownies For Me!

moon sky cloudsThe dancing every day is not happening quite yet but I did have a good dance at a party on Saturday night, on the earth by a camp fire in fact. Bare feet would have been even more awesome but it’s still winter and the grass was wet from an earlier rain so I danced in my boots beneath a beautiful moonlit sky full of amazing clouds. Just as well after a week when I worked two nine to five sacred sensual firedays instead of my usual one, on the afternoon of the second day my shoulders were having a lot to say about how much they hate sitting still for so long! They say that our sedentary ways are bad for the body and I couldn’t agree more. That and much of the food that people eat which tends to be full of all kinds of crazy chemicals that were never meant for human consumption.

Which brings me ever so neatly to what was a big highlight of my party night, I made my first ever batch of brownies! The birthday girl was surprised that I’d made something to bring, I’m known for many wonderful attributes amongst my lovely friends but cooking isn’t really one of them. Having said that I usually do ok when I make the effort and the brownies were no exception. There are only five ingredients for this recipe, sweet potato, nut butter, maple syrup, cocoa (I used cacao) and carob chips. It was so easy I managed to make them as part of a busy day with no stress whatsoever. I’m hoping this will inspire me to start exploring more gluten free food, there are a lot of very simple recipes out there these days. I found this one on Facebook ages ago and feel incredibly grateful that I worked out how to save links, great resource when I was looking for quick and easy party food.

sweet potato brownies

Isn’t it just the best when you are savouring delicious food knowing that every bite is contributing to the health and well-being of your body, mind and soul. When I eat like that I can feel my body saying thank you as well as the taste buds, nice when the whole system is saying YES, thank you, thank you. I feel the same way when I have one of my green smoothies full of fruit and veggies, positively brimming with life force energy. But please don’t assume I’ve achieved some kind of perfection in this, I still have bread sometimes and the sugar monster is never too far away. I do my best to limit that sort of thing but being too hard on yourself when you do eat naughty foods can stress you as much as the food itself. In the end balance is the key and if you enjoy cooking then it will be much easier to make sure that your meals are mostly nourishing and nurturing.

green smoothie

Having said that I’m not much into cooking and even I found it easy so if you have a sweet tooth and like chocolate brownies check out this recipe and see what you think. Yay for yummy gluten free treats!

5-Ingredient Anti-Inflammatory Sweet Potato Brownies with Almond Butter, Cocoa and Maple Syrup

Bodies Love To Move!

ecstatic danceAs I sit here wondering what to talk about my mind keeps thinking about dancing and how I haven’t been doing much at all lately. My body has this odd disconnected yearning when I tune into it and there is nothing that my mind is doing at this moment that makes any difference at all to this physical sensation. In fact the mind can help the body to relax by using it’s capacity for understanding but there are times when talk is cheap and the only thing to do is to dance! My Beloved and I are no longer running a monthly dance and our local musical co-op closed down at the start of the year so the possibilities for going out and dancing have been less in our town.


That of course is no excuse and barely makes it in as a valid reason even, dancing can happen anywhere including when we are at home all alone. A FB friend just had a dancing challenge where she danced for half an hour every morning with her kids, what a good idea I thought to myself as I clicked on ‘going’. You can guess where I am going with this, I did not do one formal dance session in the two week period. And I LOVE to dance, when I manage to have a really good movement session I feel AMAZING! This is starting to sound a lot like a recent post on meditation and how I wasn’t managing to get myself on the cushion in spite of how beneficial it is to my health. Well I have made it to at least a couple of meditation classes since then but as for a regular practice, forget it.

women dancing

So what to do? The first thing that comes to mind is that it would be useful to talk to my Beloved about this issue and see if we can come up with a buddy system that supports regular movement for us both. I’m thinking dancing here, it’s usually sensible to do one thing at a time and as a deep lover of the transformational energies of dance I know that if I create the space my body will adore moving the energy in this way. The other idea I’ve had is to run a weekly dance class that goes for an hour and call it “Dance For Joy!” I can’t  be the only person who has this problem and I love the vision of a room full of people laughing and dancing to an eclectic mix of tunes old and new. If you have a look there are often plenty of meditation classes for people to attend but dance classes where you get to do your own thing are not so common. So this will be my next focus for a class but in the meantime I will see what I can do about moving this gorgeous body of mine a little more often.

The spirit in motion heals, expands, circles in and out of the body, moving through the layers of consciousness from inertia to ecstasy.  Open to the spirit, and you will be transformed.
Gabrielle Roth

And I will continue with my gratitude practice because that helps with pretty much anything and everything! I’m noticing as I feel gratitude and visualise my body in motion that my mood is lifting even as the body’s yearning becomes more pronounced. So what kind of incredible transformation might be possible when I actually dance in real time with an open heart and mind. I’m smiling and feeling very excited at the prospect!



Mindfulness And Chocolate!

chocolateOn the edge of a cramp my belly craves chocolate and sugar which is surprisingly delivered at 8.30am in the glove box of my car as I return the driving sunglasses to their home. No breakfast at home and now artificial stimulation is glaringly there just as my willpower says “You’ve got to be kidding!” and promptly eats a row before I settle into five minutes of meditation. This is no clear space of light and clean with mindfulness sparkles gleaming out into the urban landscape. There has been no natural organic segue from sleepiness to waking alertness on my more traditional nine to five day. The trees and sunshine do their best to draw me back into the earthly realms as they wink and smile at me but part of me feels quite disconnected.


gum tree paperbarkPart of this feeling is my reluctance to come back after a five day holiday that my Beloved and I took at the beginning of our house sit almost two weeks ago. So lovely to let go of the everyday world and especially the online one, a wonderful convenience but it does impact on our organic selves in ways that are not always helpful. The more sensitive I become in the world the more I notice when I’m not feeling connected to the natural world. It’s easy in modern society to sometimes forget that we are natural beings and that much of what creates happiness for us comes from inner resources. It isn’t so easy in front of  a computer in an office to reconnect with that place so I tend to focus on my body as a doorway or bridge from one realm to another. When I arrive at the car park I consciously connect with the trees and the birds and if it’s too wet to sit for my meditation I at least spend a moment with my hand on the trunk of a tree.


And even then I can fall prey to unexpected windfalls of chocolate and get caught up in the concrete and steel, the humming of lines of energy, seen and unseen. So the first part of navigating days like this one are just about practicing mindfulness and not giving yourself a hard time when your actions are not always peaceful. If you notice sensations of disconnection then that may be a victory in and of itself! Even if you can’t seem to get back into the flow be grateful that your inner growth has fostered deeper understanding and the ability to see more clearly what is happening in your body, mind and spirit. If you persist with this process you will improve the quality of your life. I can say this with great certainty as this has been my experience so far, the more I bring awareness to me and to my life the happier I become overall.

But there always seem to be times of varying energy levels in life’s tapestry and the trick is to ride the waves whatever the speed, to wherever it is that life wants to take us to next! I for one would like to take a moment to thank Life for all that it brings to me and especially for the gift of my dear Beloved who brings a song into my heart every day in every way. Aho!

Big Rainbow