Inspiration From The Vortex.

Coming your way once a week, join me on a whimsical, informative and at times profound journey into the depths of healing the soul………..mine……..yours………..the whole planet!


Listen To Your Bodies Wisdom.

Food heartThe emphasis on satisfying the body’s needs continues in my household and it’s not just me! My dear Beloved has been suffering with an injury that is changing the way he treats his physical self, or at least is encouraging him to do things differently. Thank the Goddess that I am on the other hand experiencing greater strength in my body and increased energy. We seem to take it in turns when it comes to having big challenges and this time is no exception. So when we moved into a house sit this week I had to do all the packing and lugging over the day and then go and work an overnight shift that same evening. And I was tired but I managed it all without getting overwhelmed and was able to be there for my Beloved as an emotional support too.

slow and steady wins the race

The fact that I was able to do that tells me that the healing program I am engaged in is working. That and also my approach when I have a lot to do which I call, slow and steady wins the race. So I am getting better and the pre-cancerous lesion is also looking like it’s changing, it seems to be fading which has to be good right? I will get it checked later this month but the signs are all good that using food as medicine is producing a much healthier body. Seems a bit bloody obvious really but we live in a world where the medical profession has completely ignored this fact up to now. I read an article the other day that talks about studies showing that cancer is a disease of the modern era. Again it seems very bloody obvious but there are so many vested interests that don’t want us to know this. And how it can be possible to treat cancer and other health issues without resorting to drugs or chemotherapy.

Healthy bodies yoga food

Anyway that’s it for me now, I could go on and on about vested interests causing immense suffering but lets save that for another time. I am eating the right fuel for my body and feeling great so I am currently living proof of the efficacy of food as medicine!


Kerry And The Ketones!

KetogenicDietWhenever I do manage a post it tends to be all about food as medicine and this will be no exception I am sure. The latest episode in my gustatory adventures is all about going back to the ketogenic diet which is where I started this journey three months ago. This time I am measuring the fat burning process and the indicator that tells me I’m doing it right is ketones. Now if you know me you know you won’t get a detailed technical explanation of this, it’s just not my style and I’m sure there are many resources out there that describe it better than I could. All I need to know is that when there are ketones in my urine I am burning the right kind of fat and so far it seems to be going well. And that’s in spite of a day this week when I gave in to desire and had a couple of bliss balls. Normally quite healthy but not ketogenic  but the ketones keep appearing hooray!


I’m a bit relieved to be honest that my lovely naturopath didn’t ask me to do more juice fasting, the benefits were huge but getting it all together really is quite a mission. This diet feels like something I can keep on eating everyday and with all the yummy oils and spices I am never short of flavour. And when you get a hedonist having to restrict her choices the whole process starts to become extremely refined but just as passionate and full of savouring as ever. Let me tell you about fat bombs! All you have to do is melt coconut oil and mix in raw cacao and some peppermint oil and you have a fabulous treat that totally satisfies any sweet cravings. If your taste buds are blunted by sugar you probably won’t like them but for me they are delicious!

fat bombs

Organic chicken cooked up in small pieces in coconut oil, turmeric and black pepper is one of my favourite dishes, we call it popcorn chicken. If you have it with a nice salad that has an olive oil dressing the oils mix together on the plate and the result is divine. Once I have cleared up my pre-cancerous cells I will be still eating a diet that is much the same except for the addition of some carbohydrates and a bit of sugar. It may not be right for everyone but my Beloved and I are very happy with our new food plan. Towards the end of June I will have an appointment at the hospital and we shall see if there has been progress in addressing the underlying causes of this pre-cancer.

Kerry rainbow RSL

The new slender me!

So at this point I can say that I am 10 kilos lighter and feeling more energetic than I have in years, it’s a nice steady kind of energy too, the sort that can go the distance. We shall see how it all unfolds but I am certainly feeling very positive about my progress. I will keep you posted!

Taxing Times: On All Levels!

vegetables and juicesI’m not keeping up the promise of weekly posts at the moment but you know there are times when life takes over and you are too much ‘in’ the experience to write about it. Still there I think as it has been a big time for the love bubble of Kerry and Brendan. A 7 day juice fast which included 4 coffee enemas and as many trips into Brisbane (the closest big smoke) for my Beloved as he navigated the loss of his mum. Yes a big time indeed but this blog is primarily about sharing what goes on inside of me, my Beloved’s internal sea of shifting feelings and moods is his to share or not as he pleases. So for me the little bit of resistance that is curling up inside of me is all about finishing that last bit of work for my tax. Not actually such a lot of time required but getting to it seems especially challenging.

Rainbow Kerry and Cheryl.

This is more interesting than doing my tax!

Oh it will happen as it always does and I will wonder why I made such a fuss, until next year’s deadline comes around once again. There is also a sense of satisfaction for me in having achieved some goals that required a lot of determination and effort on my part. I think there may be a part of me that wants a holiday, don’t have holidays much so maybe I’m  being reminded that it’s time to plan a decent kind of break. I have a feeling that there are going to be some good changes in the near future that will help my Beloved and I to plan ourselves a nice holiday. In the meantime it’s onward and upward upon this amazing healing journey which encompasses the health and well being of both of us. It is a big adventure full of archetypes and different states of consciousness and we are both growing quickly which can sometimes seem tricky.

loving self to me

So it’s all about self-care at the moment and riding the balance between that and economic reality, things like veggie juice fasting for any appreciable amount of time is expensive! But totally worth it as I do have the energy to keep the commitments that are required to keep the joint venture of our bubble of love on track for the Port of Optimum Health. And so it is!

The Veggie Adventures Of Kerry And Brendan.

National ForestIt’s been a while and I may only stay with you for a fairly brief moment as I have been very busy with my health program, with work and with all the ongoing healing processes. To say nothing of some lovely people connections here and there even as my Beloved and I have been somewhat on retreat when we don’t have to work. And for me being on retreat does not include looking at a computer screen, not even very often for entertainment of any kind really. Reading is so relaxing and I have been reading through a series of books after many years and enjoying being absorbed back into that story. The beautiful bush around our shack is always a delight as are the birds during the day and the stars at night. Nature is very healing, technology can be too but you have to be discerning.

bushwalking tour Scenic Rim, close to Brisbane, gold coast, internationalpark tours, Scenic Rim, guided  national park walks, Gold Coast hinterland, Tamborine NP Lamington NP, O'Reilly's, Binna Burra

The very latest on the health program is what I hope will be 3 days of veggie juicing depending on how it aligns with my overnight shifts but at least 2 and at least one coffee enema. I heard another glowing report at the end of a yoga class this morning so it seems that Spirit is keen for me to have this experience. The initial trick has been to manage to get enough veggies to make 4 litres of juice when my Beloved and I are both doing the fast as we will next Tuesday. So it was off to the Yandina market last Saturday very early and buying tons of cucumbers and celery at the spray free stall. We shall see how our calculations and sheer guesswork pans out as we continue the Veggie Adventures of Kerry and Brendan!

vegetables and juices

I’ve lost 6 kilos too and it is feeling lovely being that much lighter, the lightness is felt through all the aspects of self, not just the physical. Anyway that will do for now, no promises but I will try to write a post next week. Life is busy and good and it’s nice to share, love and blissings to you all!

Fasting Can Be Fun!

master cleanseI’m writing this on day two of a fast and at the moment I’m feeling light and energised, full of sunlight if that makes any sense to you! So far I’ve only done two days of this particular process and my experience so far is that I can go up and down during the day so I’m hoping to get this post done while I am still on more of an up. I did this for two days last week and it conjured up a funny kind of space where my thoughts were often in a cloud of confusion, at times I felt quite lost. And so I’m here once again and there are similar feelings going on but I must say when I tune into my body it is actually quite content.

Master cleanse 1

There will be veggie juice fasting coming up soon but for now I am preparing by doing what is known as the Master Cleanse. It’s very simple, make up a mixture in the morning using two litres of water with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, that’s what you drink throughout the day. You can have herbal teas as well, especially if it’s cold, and where I live autumn is starting to be felt in the chilly nights, a welcome relief from a brutal summer. I always like to be as honest as possible on this blog so I am going to confess that I did have an almond milk drink on each of the two days of fasting last week. One was a Golden Milk which is a turmeric latte for those who aren’t familiar, and the other was a raw cacao drink with spices that I made for myself at home.

golden milk

Golden Milk

I wouldn’t do something like this if I had any kind of hard physical labour to do, even though my body is feeling ok I do get a bit light headed at times and the feeling of being lost seems to sap my energy. I certainly won’t be doing any overnight shifts on no food, which can make it a bit tricky to manage three days in a row which is what I’d really like to do. Last week when I got up on the third day it felt like something had shifted and apparently most people find that by day three it becomes easier. This is a fast that you can do for up to 10 days so next week I’m going to try to at least do the three days and see how I feel.

veggie juice fasting

Then it will be on to veggie juice fasting and coffee enemas, oh the delights of getting my body back into balance! Some of the program is certainly challenging but I can honestly say after just over a month of doing this that I am feeling much healthier. I’ve lost some weight and I feel much lighter and clearer. I’m also feeling very motivated to keep the sweet in my diet to a minimum and to avoid processed sugar like it’s the plague. Which it kind of is you know, a plague that is destroying the health and vitality of people all over the world. Don’t get me started! But that will do for today, tune in next time for the next instalments in Kerry’s journey into optimum health.

Open And Surrender Again And Again And Again…..


Not the state I aspire to!

A post from four years ago popped up on Facebook today and instead of sharing it directly there I decided to re-blog it with some more pictures so it looks a bit more inviting this time. The message of opening to what is and surrendering feels very appropriate as I am so busy and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that I have to do.

Thirteen years ago I was very excited at the prospect of going to Latvia, a very small country in Eastern Europe which is where my father and his family fled from during World War Two. My aunt Lena was taking me and I had my passport all ready with the visas and all of that, at the time I was feeling a great longing to connect with that part of my heritage, to feel the energy of the land.


My aunt who was in her early seventies went for a medical not long before we were supposed to be going, the doctor didn’t like the sound of her lungs and so he sent her for an x-ray. That’s when we found out that she had cancer all through her lungs and all of a sudden my magical trip to discover my roots was cancelled.


River scene in Riga Latvia.

So instead of going to Latvia I went to Melbourne to look after my aunt, I had to help her shower and look after her so she could stay at home as long as possible but she was deteriorating very rapidly. I was there when she woke up unable to breathe properly, and went with her in the ambulance to the hospital. From that point she was in a hospice and on morphine, I stayed with friends and went to visit her every day.


I was at a friend’s place one day waiting for her to come home from work, when I was drawn to a large chunk of rose quartz on the mantlepiece. I put my hand on it and I could feel energy flowing from the crystal into me, I had no idea what I was doing, I was simply following the flow of intuition. The next day as I held my aunt’s hand at her bedside, I could feel that gentle energy flowing from me into her, it was helping to ease her passing, a beautiful gift from the crystal realm.


Everything that I had been told about crystals meant nothing to me until I had my own experience, from that moment on I began to move into a different relationship to the crystal kingdom. And the yearning to connect with my father’s land had subsided also, somehow that connection had been made during the time I spent with my aunt as she went through the dying process.

spiritual energy

So often we have fixed ideas about how to experience life, but the flow of existence is much more fluid than the rigid structures that society tries to impose on everything, in a desperate attempt to be in control. Open and surrender, be present with what you are feeling in this very moment, and allow yourself to flow into the next moment, and the next…………and the next…………

All My Food Is Green!

Leafy green veggies in a colander.

Just three weeks ago I was wondering how to improve some of my creeping bad habits, sugar being the absolute worst of the lot! Now I am on Day 13 of no sugar whatsoever in any form and spending what seems like hours preparing lots of green veggies and cooking organic meat. Well my Beloved and I are doing it together but we both agree that it takes an inordinate amount of time and in our small kitchen the dishes have to be washed at least twice a day. Do we sound hard core? Yes we are and for a very good reason, three weeks ago I received a diagnosis from the doctor that informed me that I have pre-cancerous cells on my left labia. I had the same thing on the right side about 9 years ago and at that time I decided to have surgery which was the only option the doctors talked about.

doctors surgery cancer

Well the doctors are still talking about surgical type options but I am a very different person now to who I was then. The logical conclusion to draw from the return of the pre-cancer is that there are underlying causes that were not addressed with surgery. So my response to the doctor was probably a bit different from what he expected. I have a lovely doctor but even so I could feel the panic in the air around the fact that I might not choose to go along with the bio-medical model. I told him I would consider taking up my referral to the hospital but that I would also be focusing on alternative methods and guess what? Three weeks later and I still haven’t heard from the hospital about an appointment, if I was relying on their help I would be sitting, waiting and feeling helpless. None of which is helpful for the immune system and lets face it, if you have cancer or pre-cancer in your body you are going to really need a strong immune system.

So instead I am eating cleaner and healthier than I have ever done in my entire life up to this point! Sure there are some supplements for the immune system and other various treatments but the main aim for my wonderful naturopath is to treat my condition with food as medicine. Which is what food is after all, when it doesn’t come processed and packaged and with all kinds of nasty chemicals and sugar in it. But I am finding out why people are resistant to this kind of information, eating like this is hard work even though the actual meals we’ve been eating are delicious. It takes time and energy and focus and probably seems a lot more challenging than following doctor’s orders and going meekly to surgery. I may even share a story with you next week about my more recent experiences in hospitals but there isn’t time today.


But for now I am on the second day of my liver flush and looking forward to the lunch I brought to work, organic chicken and salad. Like I said it’s hard work but I have total trust in the process and a sense of personal power as I take responsibility for my own health and well-being. Life is good and challenging and I am rising to meet it!

Early Morning Adventure!

glasshouse-mountains-giant-fingerAs I drive down an unknown street in the darkness just before dawn, there is a sense of uncertainty and adventure even through my deep weariness. Then before me a huge shape rises up like the finger of a giant pointing to the sky, outlined against the barely dawning sky.  Suddenly I am full of a fear that takes hold of me and shakes me down to my primordial roots. Even though I know perfectly well that it is one of the Glasshouse Mountains it seems like a monstrous creature looming over me and threatening me with I know not what…………….

Ah that was a moment to remember, but I should probably put it in context for you as this was the final part of an eventful early morning a little while ago. I was driving home after 4am after finishing my shift on the crisis lines when I passed a figure walking along the road. I didn’t really get to see the person very well but as a woman driving home in the wee hours on my own I wasn’t about to pick up a hitch hiker anyway. Shortly after I stopped for petrol at the service station and when I came out there was a boy asking me for a lift, the figure I had seen just before. There was a moment of indecision and then my intuition told me that it was safe and that it was important to help this boy.


So I said yes and moved my stuff from the passenger seat to the back of the car so he could join me. As we talked I began to realise that he was a young man who was very slight and so looked like a boy but there was still no sense of fear about being in my car with an unknown man. He told me his story and it was eerily like I was still on the phones only this time I was involved face to face. He had been thrown out of his girlfriend’s place by her father and was walking a long, long path home to the township of the Glasshouse Mountains. That is beyond where I usually turn off the main road but the more I spoke to this young man the more I felt it was imperative that I drive him all the way home. He was very respectful and didn’t expect me to do that for him, which made me all the more keen to get him home safely.


After dropping him at his house he gave me directions to an alternative way of going back that would deliver me to familiar roads and cut out the extra travel time that I had taken. Which brings me to where I started with that ancestral terror zinging through my body in the most surreal moment you could imagine. I took a deep breath and continued on my strange journey until I found my usual path that takes me up to my home in the forest. And even through my exhaustion I felt that warm glow that comes with having helped another human being in trouble.

Healing The Forbidden With Love.

Twins-in-loveFalling into the swirling pool of sacred union as we lay upon finely spun rainbows and travel into dimensions of delight and joy. Shedding energies dark and deep I feel a space unfold within, a sacred vessel to receive and to channel the energies of divine union. One body, one being, we are pure sensation as the tantric journey opens our hearts ever deeper and the healing goes deep and deeper. And so it is time for that healing to go to the forbidden places that mindfulness has been afraid to go, the anger never allowed to form, the grief underneath, the sense that the world is full of sorrow. New life springs forth even as energies release into the Mother of transformation, the alchemical smelting pot that turns despair into hope. Candles and coloured lanterns and balls, a happy flowered skull holds a candle like a friendly All Hallows Day spirit come to warm us with her sweet tempered light


‘Tis a new pathway a new beginning and the inspiration and creativity are cresting a wave of happiness as we fall and rise on the waves of existence, loving and learning as we go. I am in that flow and rising into fullness, the path of service to all of life, the sacred wholeness that is love. Blessed be, blessed be, my Beloved and Me, we are one on this journey.


The World Is Heating Up!

heat-stroke-womanSummer used to be my favourite month but it is rapidly becoming a time that feels like it can only be endured as the temperatures soar. My base temperature is much hotter than it used to be before I began to experience menopause but I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t over this extreme weather. And then there is the extreme state of politics in the world which may seem worse now we have Trump but personally I think he is simply a big reflection of what our culture has created in the world. And if that is our mirror it is quite obvious that fundamental change is needed because on the current trajectory we are rapidly heading towards the extinction of the human race. I can’t imagine Mother Earth shedding too many tears for us and whatever creatures manage to survive in spite of us will be dancing upon our mass graves.

Yet I remain hopeful as I see how millions around the world march in the name of justice and compassion. The brave souls at Standing Rock are a shining light to the world who remain committed to non-violence in spite of the violence that has been perpetrated upon them. In my country Australia we have organisations like GetUp who help those of us who are not part of the wealthy elite to stand up to the harsh treatment of the poor and vulnerable. When the times become dark it is not only that which we see as evil that flourishes and grows, in the dark we can see the light even more clearly. In America there is a group of young people whose ages range from 9-20 years old who are suing the Federal Government for their inaction on climate change. It is the young who will have to live with the consequences of our foolishness and this is set out with great clarity in this article by a 26 year old campaign director for GetUp.


Protest out in the world is very important but the biggest fundamental changes will need to occur inside each and every person on the planet. So if you don’t feel like there is much you can do about any of this remember that focusing on your own healing will help the greater good even if you never have the slightest bit to do with any of the protests. And if you persist on this path your own life will improve and the world will change around you. I say this with confidence because of my own experience of inner growth which has led to me becoming more confident and content in my life. What I find is that as I become happier I have more of a tendency to focus on the positive events in the world and become inspired. Doesn’t mean that I never feel sad or wonder how we can get out of this mess but it gives me a sense of hope that is always there beneath my feet.

mother earth

Beneath my feet lies the Mother of us all, at least while we are here as spirit in a physical form. So don’t tell me you’re not spiritual, you don’t get a choice in the matter! Time to bring spirit and matter together in harmony and acknowledge the sacredness that lies within everything. Aho!