The Eye of the Beholder.

Something I have noticed about my world now for some time is the way it keeps changing, at times quite suddenly. It’s like being on shifting sands, hopefully without any boggy bits. I used to hit those patches and get bogged down for days or even weeks but these days it’s more like a few hours or at the most a day or two. It’s tempting in those moments to attach the feelings of doom and gloom to situations in the outside world. But if you do that you are giving substance to something that is simply moving through and quite frankly, as I say to my clients, it’s better out than in.

So the first step is to allow the feeling to be there, don’t try to push it back down or cover it up with something else, like for example an entire packet of tim tams! The stories I could tell about donuts and family size blocks of chocolate are far better forgotten and left in the murky distant past. I don’t do that anymore, well not much, and the addiction to sugar seems to have been finally overcome (she says with great hope!),

I have tools of transformation in my kit bag that can shift me into a healthier frequency very quickly and yet I notice that the resistance to change is still there. I know what to do but I find myself swimming sluggishly through a sea of reluctance until finally I begin to tone, or meditate, or wash the dishes, and the shift into a lighter way of being begins.

For me toning is the most effective tool I have and I will give a very brief description of what it is. Toning is a very ancient form of healing and it probably began somewhere around the time the first caveman stubbed his toe on a rock and said “Grrrrrrrrr..”. It is sounding rather than singing so there are no words and you will sometimes hear beautiful harmonics and overtones within the sound. I do it because it feels good and pretty much instantly shifts me into a better frame of mind and beingness. It’s also very powerful doing it in a group; I run a toning circle once a month in Maleny and it is a beautiful way to connect with yourself even as you merge with the group.

The more that I allow those uncomfortable feelings to move on out the more I feel that connection to everyone and everything. My world becomes brighter not because the externals have changed but because my perception of it has shifted and I am seeing with new eyes.




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