The End of the World (as we know it)

I just read what is supposed to be my next post and have decided to try and be a bit more entertaining, actually it also involves a confession and I am not entirely sure I am ready to go public with it. Of course if I publish it and if anyone happens to read it they will probably wonder what my problem is, the things that unnerve one person are the stuff of life to another.

That variety that comes from the uniqueness of each of us as individuals is what keeps life interesting and as the chinese say we are living in interesting times. We are almost upon a moment in history which is being viewed from so many different perspectives you could end up with vertigo trying to make sense of them all. I speak of course of the 21 december which this year is being noticed by just about everybody, not just those who remember and celebrate the summer solstice.

I have never thought that there would be some big and sudden change on this date, as far as I am concerned we have been in the middle of huge energetic shifts for some time now and the solstice is merely  a part of that. But a lot of people are focused on this one date and that powerful energy is bound to have an impact, I just don’t know how it will manifest or even if it will be obvious in the external world.

But as the eternal optimist I feel sure that this will ultimately be a shift into a better humanity, the next evolution of our species. There may well be some rough times ahead but the more we can be clear about being in the energy of loving community with each other and with this planet and everything on it, the better we can navigate the path that lies in front of us.

Mayan calander

Mayan calander.

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