All of Me.

So I guess the cat is out of the bag, I am in search of my beloved. It is time for us to do what we came here to do but that is just a tad tricky if you don’t know who your beloved is specifically, the broader ‘life and everything’ one is as clear as it’s ever going to be while encased in mortal flesh. I understand the Beloved in the context of the macrocosm but when it comes to the microcosm I can’t see him at all, somehow I manage to yearn without yearning, in other words making your needs known without being needy!

My task definitely has to do with supporting people through these exciting end times, through counselling, psychic and crisis, vocal toning, massage and energetic support. That still doesn’t always give me specifics but if I am paying attention I can usually work out what I am meant to be doing in the moment which after all is the present, the gift that never goes away. And sometimes I even give myself a day off, a day where I might clean, or walk, do yoga or washing, doing my best to let go of all that constant processing.

It is interesting being in all these different spaces as I go on my house sitting journey, getting to know different parts of my town and perhaps conjuring up different aspects of me, I am getting very clear about what I want in my own space when that comes. Me and my beloved in a space which is ours together, supporting each other in our journey upon the planet and the important work we are here to do. It feels a tiny bit scary putting that intention on paper as it were, so it must be a good idea, kind of like the buddy system where your intention is witnessed and supported.

Once it is out the next step is to surrender and to give my desire to the higher power that knows exactly how to bring it to fruition with perfection. Sometimes specific actions are required but on this occasion I keep getting the message from all around me to continue doing what I am doing, allow the ‘knowing’ to guide me in each part of the process. What matters more than anything is that I become who I really am in all my fullness, no excuses, no late notes, no more resistance………….simply letting go into what has always been there.

Namaste Beloved……….blissings…………

water goddess


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