The Earth and Me.

I keep trying to write this post and it forms in my mind when I go and do other things but when I sit down at the computer I cannot find the words to express what is doing it’s best to come through me today. It is the 21 December 2012 and I am feeling the strong energies that are moving on this day, they fill me with a mixture of excitement and foreboding.

I went and did some watering in the garden and found peace for a time in the splash of water on green, shafts of sunlight arching down through the canopy of leaves to create the most beautiful living tapestry. The garden where I am house sitting is a gorgeous jungle and because of it I am feeling much closer to the earth, I feel it’s thirst and long for the rain to come.

The possums in the roof also bring me closer to nature, there was one I had a nice chat to yesterday as I did my washing, it was trying to sleep and would probably have prefered me to be quiet but I am overwhelmed with love in the presence of animals and couldn’t help myself. In the past I have found animals easier to communicate with than people, they are so direct and you always know where you stand with them.


Tonight I will be going to a Solstice Celebration and so will be communing once again with the earth and with my community, that is the way that I am accustomed to making the connection , through ritual and ceremony. I can feel my ancient blood stirring at such times, the high priestess that I have been and will always be.

There is a huge shift occurring and in the end all I can do is trust that my preparation has readied me to do my part in the coming days. I feel a bit of anxiety and keep reminding myself of what St Germaine always used to say, that anxiety is excitement with a dash of doubt. The more that I can trust the less doubt there will be.

Solstice Blissings to you all.

PS: As well as knowing nothing about the plant kingdom I am also very ignorant about photography, I have never owned a camera. Otherwise I would be providing you with a gorgeous picture of the garden I am minding, when I finally organise my smart phone with its camera I promise many beautiful pictures to go with these ramblings which I hope you are enjoying. So much to look forward to!

Not my garden!

Not my garden!

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