After a day of powerful energies filling me like a whirling dervish, the solstice celebration I went to was the perfect way to ground and to centre and to integrate. I connected with beautiful open-hearted people in a community that supports and nourishes me in such a way, that, like a flower, I am able to flourish and grow into more of my magnificence.

In the ceremony we walked a twin labyrinth, carrying in a candle to light in the centre, where there was an altar with a wooden angel and symbols for the masculine and the feminine energies. There were quite a few of us so it took some time and we created a deep stillness full of love and reverence. The trees around us were lit up so I could see the exquisite shapes of the leaves and the branches, the feeling of the earth under my bare feet. As I walked into the centre I let go of insecurity, low self-esteem, judgement of self and others, of anything holding me back. Coming out I welcomed self-love, trust, abundance, love of difference and variety, and I also welcomed my Beloved.



Then the drums led us to the fire to dance on the earth, the beautiful earth that supports us no matter what we do. I once was buried in the earth for 12 hours and as I lay there I twisted and turned and felt like I had to find the perfect position to lie in, I kept judging myself and thinking I had to get it right. Then I noticed a deep chuckling, it was Mother Earth and she said to me, “Lie any way you want, I will always be there to support you!” It was an important realisation for me, knowing that the earth is always there supporting us whether we feel the connection or not.

Happy Solstice………blissings……….

fire circle

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