A Perfect World.

The title of this post is inspired by the wonderful words and chanting of Kevin James Carroll who created the most beautiful sacred space in the Blue Lotus Room at the Woodford Festival, I danced and I sang for two hours. He spoke and sang of imagining the perfect world we want to create, in the same venue some hours earlier a young man, Lucas Lindblom, in discussions about consciousness, also described the power of the imagination as a tool for manifesting change. Einstein himself said, “Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

When you are swimming in the ocean of love created by the amazing community at a place like the festival at Woodford, it seems easier to imagine a world where there is justice, respect and care for all forms of life. If we want to bring this energy into the rest of our lives and share it with the world, it requires conscious intention and right action, mindfulness and empathy for others. It isn’t always an easy path but if the alternative is the annihilation of humanity then I don’t see that we really have a choice.

When I thought about what to write in this blog, there was only ever one subject that I knew I could happily write about every day. My own healing journey has been an obsession for me now for the last 35 years and I have been through such changes in that time it feels like I am a completely different person to who I was back then. In a way that’s true, but it is also false, there is nothing that I am today that was not present back then. I have simply shed many of the layers of the “cloud of unknowing”, the beliefs and thoughts that have obscured my true nature.

Time to imagine a future that is created from a place of love, to create sacred space wherever we go, and to celebrate our existence with open hearts full of joyful bliss.

An earlier Woodford Festival, me and mum with the master of the Fire Event.

An earlier Woodford Festival, me and mum with the master of the Fire Event. Photo by Ulli Hansen

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