I Go Green.

I had my first real green smoothie today and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I chucked a bit of parsley into yesterday’s smoothie but today’s delight was from the Green Smoothie Bible, positively bursting with kale which is my current favourite green. This new way of eating is going to be full of yummy sensations and flavours, and to top it off, my body feels amazing when I load it up with such good food.

I have some pretty big goals in this lifetime, to heal everything and to achieve optimum health, but I am getting there slowly one step at a time. It’s the opposite of shedding layers of negative thoughts, I add in new healthy habits as I go along, and after a time they become automatic just like the bad habits that are on the way out. I need variety in most things in my life so I like to dip into different ways of doing and being, taking what works for me and weaving it into the tapestry of my existence.

Now I am perusing my raw food recipe book and getting ready to experience a much broader range of tastes, my salads usually have much the same ingredients, and even though I do like my salads it’s time to expand into broader food horizons. It may open a doorway into more entertaining, I find cooking for a dinner party fairly stressful so it doesn’t end up happening very often. Being able to come up with a raw food feast might be a lot simpler, although I will probably have to buy some new equipment, I have the blender but a food processor will also become a necessary part of my new kitchen.

It feels like the new year started for me today, I got back into my yoga practice and my body is practically falling over itself in gratitude for the feeling of well being that this engenders, an inner glow that has been sadly lacking for the last few weeks. I will of course still fall off this path from time to time but as long as I am having fun at the time and find my way back to the path, I have no complaints.

A toast to good health for all!!

green smoothie

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