Surrender to What Is.

I didn’t want to bore you with more stuff about my car but the story does continue I’m afraid, the engine sounded great for about 15 minutes after it was fixed and then promptly began to make a sound like a helicopter, chop, chop. It’s still running but struggles up the steep hills even more than usual. I found myself slipping back into anxiety, only mild but uncomfortable even so.

Then I remembered what Byron Katie says, that it is your thoughts about what is going on that creates suffering, not the events themselves, and so I began to let go of those thoughts. It was like magic, as I surrendered to things the way they were I could feel the anxiety draining out of me. So I won’t do any long unneccessary trips and take the car to my mechanic on monday, and we will see then what the story is. Why borrow trouble from an uncertain future when the outcome could just as well be perfect, in fact why not just imagine the perfect resolution and flow with those good feelings.

So I got a lift to drinks at the club and walked home through the town I have grown to love so dearly. When you walk, the perspective is so different from being in the car, you’re going so much slower, you can take in much more of the scenery. I’m feeling such enormous gratitude for my wonderful life and things can only get better!



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