Conceived in Joy.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

As I came to the end of my weekend I felt strongly drawn to connect to Mother Earth, walking on the earth in my bare feet and sitting for a time on the protruding root of a tree. As I was walking back to the house I caught a glimpse of golden fire, and found myself going out to where I could see the sun setting in exquisite shades of pink and gold, Father Sky in all his glory, showering me with his brilliance.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

The masculine and the feminine coming into balance in me, reflecting the natural world, which left to its own devices has no difficulty in keeping the balance. Feeling peace and acceptance, and finding a sense of trust, that all that I need will come to me, knowing that I am always safe in my beautiful world, even when the challenges and obstacles on the path seem impassable.

I had an important realisation a couple of days ago, I have changed an old pattern of mine, which is to come up with ideas of action but rarely follow through. These words you are reading in this moment are an example of this shift, within a few months of attending a blogging for beginners workshop I began to post, and I have put something out every day, even through the festive season. There is a lot more I need to do to invite more people to come and check out what I am doing, but I have begun, and the process of writing is bringing me great joy.

Where any of this will take me I have no idea, but I sense that this movement of creative energy is a river that will take me where I need to go. And in this moment I have no need to know exactly where or what that will be. I surrender to the divine mother  and to the divine father, trusting the birth that will follow that divine union, a conception created in joy and with love.

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