Follow Your Bliss.

The old pattern of hanging on even when something isn’t working doesn’t just apply to relationships for me, I am currently letting go of a place where I have been doing readings and a bit of massage. It hasn’t ever really been that good financially, but the shop is such a beautiful sacred space, full of crystals and jewellery, and the people who run it are the most gorgeous women. It has been a pleasure and a joy to be there and I feel a sense of loss at having to let it go.

I can also feel the fear that rises in me, will I be able to find something else, how can I ever get enough money coming in, money rolls in for other people but never for me. It is in my heart that I can feel the fear the most, and as I have found before, when I consciously breathe into my heart it softens immediately. Of course I’m not supposed to give voice to any of that but I find it easier to let go of these negative thoughts when I actually acknowledge them in the first place.

I love the title of that book, “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers, that makes sense for me, although I’ve never read the book so I might not be interpreting the words exactly as she does. No matter, in my own life it is my interpretation that matters more than anything else. So I am feeling the fear, letting go of it,  and planning how to go about creating financial abundance for myself. I’m really good at other types of abundance, lovely friends, great places to live, constructive outlets for my creativity.

What I keep reminding myself in all of this, is that I am a work in progress, and everything I have done so far has brought me to a place where I feel great happiness and joy on a regular basis, every day in fact! So as I add financial freedom and security to this mix, what joy will be mine, there is no limit to happiness and joy, it is infinite just like pleasure.

Do I hear you say, “I want what she’s having!”, good choice, follow your bliss and enjoy life to the full!

Follow your bliss

flowers purple and blue

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