Spinach and Shekels.

Returning to the green smoothie theme, it seems I may have to do some more research beyond reading ‘The Green Smoothie Bible’, apparently variety is important when you are having all those greens every day. The plants have various substances in them that are a part of their defense system, so that they aren’t overgrazed by animals, and it isn’t a good idea to have too much of them.

My brain glazes over when I read very scientific information, and I got a bit lost in that particular chapter, what I was really hoping for was a chart telling me which ones had what, so I know what to switch to and when. If I had my way I would probably just have spinach and kale, but these both contain oxalates which I shouldn’t have too much of.

Is it just me, or do we have to take in and somehow assimilate, way too much information in this modern world. I probably need to make a confession here, I love to write, but have always hated doing research, even so I think I may be correct. Let’s face it, anyone who trusts the so called authorities that are supposed to give us guide lines for healthy living, will probably suffer a whole range of diseases in a relatively short life span, and end up dying slowly and horribly from some form of cancer.

I am determined to achieve optimum health even if it means actually having to do research! Thats how much I care!! But mostly I hope my research will be in the form of actually doing it, have the experience and learn from that. So I think the sensible thing to do is to focus on green smoothies and get that right, and from there move on to more raw food. Oh, and I also need to buy In-Liven Fermented Probiotic Superfood, not cheap but the author of my smoothie bible, Kristine Miles, swears by it.

Once again I come back to the need to bring in the shekels, the moolah, love may indeed be all you need, but until we change the basic premise of this culture the money will also have to keep rolling in.

Shekels from Carthage.

Shekels from Carthage.



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