My Spirit.

My spirit grows weary, and I wish at times that I could do my journey the old-fashioned way, go and live in a cave as a hermit. It may not sound very attractive to you, but for me there is magic and nourishment, and even poetry in such a notion.

I know that a good night’s sleep or even a yummy dinner tonight will change that feeling in a moment, but it would be nice to have a proper holiday. You know, the kind where you go away for more than a few days and actually do nothing except read books, swim, and eat fabulous meals cooked by somebody other than yourself. Or alternatively a week at an ashram or monastery, meditating and doing yoga and eating healthy vegetarian meals, coming home trim and gorgeous!

Neither of those options is currently on the cards for me, so how can I bring that good feeling into the place where I am right in this very moment? I look around me, and I can see that my favourite time of day is approaching, the rays of the sun have that special glow about them. Through the window to my right I can see the sunlight dancing on the rich canopy of leaves, a few moments later I look again and the leaves have gone dark.

Moving towards dusk, the light keeps shifting and changing, to my left I can see the broad leaves of the banana tree swaying gently in the breeze. The light is still out there but it can only be seen further afield, where a tall gum tree catches  its last rays of nourishment for the day.

The words that describe the world around me, caress my soul, as surely as the beauty of what I am seeing softens the knot that is curled up in my belly. Sure, I am tired, and a little dispirited after not enough sleep and a quiet day at the market. But why wait for the food, or even the sleep, when I can switch how I am feeling simply by being present to the environment that I am inhabiting NOW!

Yep! After I get this post out to all of you good people, I am going to go and commune with the garden, a bit of watering, and then maybe check out the sunset across the green fields. Life is really quite simple at the end of the day, no pun intended! You just have to remember to live it.

Not my garden! Oh my kingdom for a camera!

Not my garden! Oh my kingdom for a camera!

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