Beauty’s Way.

Every now and then I come to this place where I wonder what I have to say, and there is an emptiness inside me where inspiration once resided. So it is to the emptiness, the great stillness, that  I go to find that creative flow, for I know it is never truly gone, I have simply lost the connection.

Even in my late teens and early twenties when I was very much a lost soul, I knew that that centre of being was there, I just couldn’t feel it, and pretty much didn’t give a stuff about it. When you have no love for yourself, when you see yourself as completely unworthy, you don’t tend to value the sacred, the beauty of life.

If you think about that in relation to what we are doing as a culture to this planet that we live on, it tells us something very important about the psychological makeup of the industrialised world. There is so much emphasis on amassing possessions, computers, games, designer clothes, the latest smart phones, and all the other technological gadgetry that abounds in this consumer’s paradise, there is no space left for valuing ourselves as human beings.

Seeing beauty does not mean that you have to be in a spectacular setting although I guess it helps, perception is always a choice, there is much more information coming in to our brains then we can actually perceive, so what we end up seeing is our version of reality. The American Indians talk about Beauty’s Way, a state of consciousness where you see the beauty of everything in the most vivid way. You could be walking down an alleyway and looking at piles of garbage and it’s transcendent, more or less as people tend to be when they’re in love.

We still need to do something about those piles of garbage, it’s not a good look for the Golden Age that is almost upon us. But if everyone could see with the eyes of the soul, and perceive the truth of this incredible place we inhabit, that garbage would soon disappear, converted into energy just as Sweden is already doing. We have the answers, we just need to find the heart and the will to move into the bright new future that awaits.

Beauty is before me,
And beauty is behind me.
Above and below me hovers
the beautiful.
I am surrounded by it.
I am immersed in it.
In my youth
I am aware of it,
And in old age I shall walk quietly
The beautiful

Navaho Prayer, 19th Century, Anonymous.

Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Photo by Ulli Hansen.

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