A Sonic Valentine.

It’s about time I wrote something about toning again, and the timing is particularly good, as we are a couple of weeks away from World Sound Healing Day. The 14 of February is commonly known as Valentine’s Day, but for the eleventh year in a row there will be thousands of light workers around the globe sending Mother Earth a sonic valentine in the form of Ahhhhhhh. Ah is the sound that relates to the heart chakra, and when I make this sound I can feel my heart opening, it’s a beautiful sound to sing because it is so open.

When you tone it is possible to create harmonics, when this occurs you will hear a fundamental note but at the same time you’ll hear another sound above that which is happening simultaneously. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the sound is actually coming from human vocal cords, it can seem like the high notes on a flute. The first harmonic is vibrating twice as fast as the original note, the second harmonic three times as fast, the third harmonic four times as fast, and so on.

My harmonics do tend to be rather spontaneous, but to create them I am pursing my mouth and my tongue is arching up towards the soft palate, I find it impossible most of the time to create harmonics when making an open sound like ah. So to prepare for the first circle I facilitated on World Sound Healing Day in 2010, I sat and toned ah every day, sitting in the middle of a crystal grid. It seemed like hard work at times but persistence really does pay off, there was a day when I just surrendered to the process and my throat totally relaxed and the harmonics were there and they were beautiful!

I don’t think I have ever achieved that again but I will never forget what it felt like, and I’m sure I will go there again some day. There are so many amazing things to fill our days with, give me an income with no need to spend time at work and I will never be short of things to do!

So if you are drawn to the idea of sending the earth a sonic valentine, I invite you to check out this You Tube clip from Jonathan Goldman, there are links to his website where you can get more information on this special event. I will be holding a circle myself on the evening of the 14th and look forward to it very much indeed!


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