Tantra! (Did I get your attention?)

When I move into a yoga pose my body feels like it’s doing something that is so familiar, I swear I must have spent a lot of time over the eons in ashrams doing the practice. Having only done the odd class here and there I really threw myself into a regular practice in 2001, and I didn’t attend a single class!

It was my last few months in Brisbane before moving to Sydney and I was escaping to Byron Bay a lot on the weekends. There was a beautiful young yogini where I stayed, and when she got up at 6am to do her yoga, I got up too and followed her movements. She never instructed me, my body seemed to know what to do, what I really learned from her was how to focus my inward gaze, to move into sacred space.

And from that point on I was obsessed, I did an hour of yoga every day, I was also doing long walks and even running, it was a time of becoming extremely fit. Not something I have continued to keep up, but yoga has been a regular part of my life ever since, I stretch most days but I hadn’t been to a class for years until the other day.

The class went for two hours and it was an invitation to gaze into my inner spaces, tune into the flow of energy in my body, ahhhhhh I was in ecstasy! There is something about practicing yoga in a group with a good teacher, that can take you places it’s much harder to go on your own. I have been there in my solitary practice, but I have never kept it up for as long as two hours, and I can get a bit lazy with my focus.

I set my intention to integrate all the shifts and changes that have been happening for me lately, I also added in the part about me blossoming from the tree of self. It is such a wonderful metaphor, whenever I think of it I see huge brightly coloured flowers bursting forth, embracing the sunlight and radiating joy. I’ve asked spirit to keep my wednesday mornings free as much as possible so I can keep going to this class, my intuition tells me that it is a vital part of my integration.

I will speak more on integration at another time, it’s as important as having the release but often doesn’t get as much air play, maybe it doesn’t seem as sexy! After all, we all know sex sells, add the word tantra to your workshop and you will get people’s attention even if they don’t book in.

At the end of the day it all has a lot to do with sex, but not necessarily in the obvious way, when you release and integrate, you are freeing up life force energy, which is just another name for your sexual energy. I felt full of joy and quite orgasmic after my yoga class, the orgasm was happening in my heart chakra and there is nothing quite as delicious, mmmmmmmm think I might have another helping of that!


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