The Doors of Perception.

One of the interesting aspects of house sitting, is the way that you move in and out of different energy fields, each environment has its own unique feel and I have been most fortunate in the energies I’ve encountered in this journey. The house that I have just moved out of was the perfect space for me to inhabit while I was going through some of the most fundamental shifts that I have experienced in quite a few years.

I am reborn, nothing is the same and yet at the same time nothing has really changed, the kind of contradiction that I have always thrived on, I am a creature of contradictions and strange fancies. I am reminded of how I felt as a child about some of the moves we made as a family, I can remember really noticing what it felt like to be present in a particular place and time, and how different that was from where we had been before. The difference between the sense of exploring a new environment, and being somewhere familiar.

It still comes down to perception, and as I have mentioned numerous times there is always a choice to be made in how we shall receive information about what is around us, and inside of us.  The trick is to hone your sensitivity so that you become attuned to the creation of what you truly desire to have in your existence. For most of us, automatic pilot means falling into old patterns of behaviour that keep creating more and more of what we don’t actually want in our lives.

My favourite definition of insanity is when you keep doing things the same old way and expecting different outcomes, I often use this as a challenge when I am working on the crisis phone lines. No matter how evolved you think you have become, it’s always good to be reminded of universal truths, everyone falls into old patterns of behaviour sometimes and it really isn’t a problem providing you are not blissfully sailing through a sea of ignorance.

In this particular moment of time, I am sinking into a slow current of extreme tiredness, lots of overnight shifts combining with moving out of my house sit and creating a gentle exhaustion that I shall sail into a night of blissful sleep. Oh beauteous rest, I yearn for your sweet arms to enfold me, to hold me as I sink into the deepest space of stillness.

Good night sweet prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Hamlet: Act 5 Scene 2. William Shakespeare.

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight……………I go into the darkness knowing that I shall be reborn in the light of yet another new day!


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