The Sweetness of a Smile.

The babble of voices around me a sea of good humour and contentment, feasting on raw treats in a temple to compassionate living. The little girl in her mother’s arms with the sweetest cheeky smile, discovering the wonders of a leaf, and then a flower.


I feel that sense of wonder, see with the eyes of the child nestling within my heart. But it’s not the child that was, it’s the child that I have become. To bring together all the glory of a freshly incarnated spirit, with wisdom and deep understanding, is to step into a fullness as bright as the stars in the sky above.


I join the babble of voices as a friend stops by and we talk about the big shifts and changes that have been happening within and without. We share radiance and joy at the incredible nature of life on the planet at this time.

The antennae springing out from my heart ‘feel’ into the world and find it to be good. There must be darkness out there, sadness and dis-ease, but all transforms through the lens of my heart space. It offers acceptance and love, it offers surrender to what is, and through this radiant matrix change becomes possible.

To love without having to be in love, to be in love with self, with life itself. Falling into an ocean of bliss I surrender to my flow which is whispering into my ear of my next destination, hazy in the distance. A state of consciousness as much as a place, time to move on………time to go.

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