Between The Worlds.

I should probably tell you about what happened after all that emotional pain I was describing, I reached out and got a yes, a friend agreed to sit for me in a breath session. Only problem was she answered my email at 1am in the morning and by the time she got up the flu was making her feel weak as a kitten and not up to sitting for me after all. I misunderstood and only realised my mistake about 20 minutes before I was supposed to be doing the session, in the end I found another friend and it did happen, but much later in the day.

So I spent the whole day in a strange twilight world, I wasn’t really present to normal everyday waking reality, yet I had my mum there trying to make normal conversation. I could have shoved it all down again and made the return to so-called normality, but what a waste of a golden opportunity to let go of more stuff! So I hung in there and kept myself in suspension, to be honest I can’t exactly remember how I did that, but I do know that it very much involved being in the present moment most of the time. I did still do some everyday things like read a book and go online for a bit, but it’s like I was operating with a different part of my brain, the left side was not running the show, and I found I would tire very quickly of these activities.


After being in suspension all day it was a big relief to finally arrive for my breath session, there was a tiny bit of fear but mostly what I felt was excitement and surrender. I trained as a rebirther so I’ve done a lot of sessions, and it felt so good to come back to the breath, it’s such a simple healing tool, and if you trust it, it will take you exactly where you need to go.

Which is where I shall take you in my next post!


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