Begone Demons.

Remember to breathe, the river swirls with multiple currents, and any one of them can carry me away, and in the blink of an eye I’m gone, from the world and from myself. If that’s actually possible, to be gone from the self, to be lost beyond the silver cord that leads back to a warm hearth and food on the table. I think it can be done but I want to do everything with awareness, whether it be pleasure or pain let me know every corner of it, every nuance, the last shining speck of feeling, sparkling inside a soapy bubble that shines in the sun’s light as it is blown by the fairy child, dissolving into the air.

It’s the child I was born to be that I am becoming, not the one who got lost in the fantasy mazes and believed all the bad press that she kept getting, she grew up in a public domain determined to keep her laid low. The new child grew up in the Secret Garden, talking to faeries and goblins, surrounded by the golden life force energy that fills the whole world with wonder and joy at all things. Who would ever have believed that these two could be the very same person, growing up in the same place, yet secretly apart.

The new child is finally grown up and she is mature enough to feel compassion for her darker self, how can I help her to let go of her demons and join hands with me. The answer continues to be relatively simple and contains the usual four letters: LOVE.

I LOVE YOU I say to myself, I LOVE YOU I reply, I look into the mirror and I say I LOVE YOU. I do something really stupid, I LOVE YOU, achieve a great success, I LOVE YOU.


LOVE. wingedheart

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