Be Love, Be Patient.

I can feel a powerful force building up in my heart space, as I let go into the flow I know that the yearning will only get stronger, the time to stand alone is well and truly past, and my hermiting a hollow temptation that cannot seduce me. I open to embrace love in all its forms, I open to the life force as it gushes through my being, I open to sharing and companionship, to ease and  to grace.


I do my best to let go of so-called romance, it can be fun, but it can also draw you back into old pathways that lead to dead ends, there is a new way of being in the space of love, but until I can actually practice it with somebody it’s all pure speculation. The question that is ringing through my head right now is, “Can I speak up clearly and set up this new paradigm of relationship?”  Do I have the guts and the articulation because what I am noticing about myself in the space of potential love is that I seem to revert to my adolescence, and that is not a place you would want to revisit let me tell you!

If you are paying attention in this moment you are probably hearing a certain amount of frustration, and you’d be right! I AM READY SO WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BELOVED! Divine timing, it’s all about divine timing, keep living my beautiful life and loving what I do, keep walking the spiritual path and know that the support will always be there in the most appropriate form, yada, yada, yada, yada……………………………

I need to come back into the place where I am love, this is the space that I can go anytime, I don’t have to be in love with anyone in particular, I can simply BE LOVE, for it is my true nature, it makes the world go around, LOVE…………….

Patience is also a precious treasure, one I am doing my best to cultivate!


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