Doorways To Peace.

The official opening of my local community centre brought even more people to town for a saturday than usual, and a regular saturday is pretty busy. On an autumn day that was hot enough to be high summer the music spilled out on to the pavement, people filling the hall and the cafes, a wondrous spirit of celebration infusing the sultry air.

I sang with my choir in the morning, we are all women and we call ourselves Sweet Chilli, on this particular day we were ‘hot’ chilli in more ways than one. Singing is such a joyful expression of creativity and also of craft, to be on the right note so that yummy harmonies emerge requires a well focused pair of frontal lobes!


I sang, I mingled, I checked out the art market where my mother had her art work, and then off to the Harvest Moon Festival to sing once again with my gorgeous choir. By the time I got home I felt that peace that I was talking about in my last post, the cells of my body tingled pleasantly and I had a sense of being complete.

There are many doorways to inner peace, but having fun, expressing your creativity, and connecting with beautiful people, are particularly nice paths to take. The most important aspect of any of the myriad openings to that precious stillness, is that your heart be engaged and open.


If you find yourself moving out of that heart space, try breathing in and out of your heart for a bit with your eyes closed. As your heart softens and you sink into it, begin to radiate that love out into the world. I guarantee that you will begin to feel much happier and whatever took you away from that place will not seem quite so bad.

Be in your heart, be love……….

Shanti, shanti, shanti…………..

Peace, peace, peace……………..

Here is a brief clip of Sweet Chilli at the Maleny Music Weekend last year, this was my first gig with them!

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