Snuggle Into Winter.

More developments on toothy conundrums later, tomorrow is my two hours in the dentist’s chair, this afternoon I am sitting and reflecting on the changing of the seasons. The temperature dropped from one day to the next and inspired my ode to summer, now it’s time to begin the slow descent into winter’s cold grasp. ‘Twas never my favourite season, but I made peace with it some time ago, it’s an opportunity to go within, to be quiet.

After many years in Darwin and then Brisbane, I found the southern winters hard to take, I hated it actually, and lived in a state of denial which included not wearing warm enough clothes and not heating the house. After a few years like this I began to see that my attitude was what was giving me grief, so I made a conscious effort to find things to like about winter. Hot showers, snuggling under the doona, warm jumpers and hot water bottles were some of the yummy cold season attractions I came up with, and low and behold, all sorts of stuff started coming my way. I found warm snuggly jumpers for ridiculous prices in garage sales, worked out that I could just heat the room I was using to conserve energy and electricity costs, all simple common sense once I let go of the denial.

It comes back to the premise that you might as well surrender to what you cannot change, in that letting go transformation becomes possible, and change does happen, inside of you. When you shift the perception of your inner eye, the world becomes a different place, the snow may still fall, but all of a sudden you receive the gift of a warm coat, you are invited to a sumptuous meal in front of a glowing log fire, your heart glows with the warmth of your friendships. Not that we get snow here, the winters in my little country town are not that cold, or perhaps it’s my acceptance of the shift of the seasons that makes it so, anyway I can now say in all honesty even as a summer girl, I really do like winter!


Winter Inside

Douglas Florian

Winter is cold. Winter is ice. But winter inside Is cozy and nice.

Winter is snow. Winter is sleet. But winter inside Is fireplace feet.

Winter is bitter. Winter is biting. But winter inside Is very inviting.

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