Scorpio Moon Rising.

I don’t know a lot about astrology but I do know what I feel, and the Scorpio full moon we had last week was incredibly intense! My moon is in Scorpio so that probably increased the intensity, deep feelings of loss and sadness came up leading up to the full moon, then I had three days of a very uneasy belly. It wasn’t emotional and there wasn’t any story attached to the feelings, it was energy swirling around, and every now and then I would feel some of it move through my body like a flock of butterflies, that shimmered through and then out my crown chakra.

Sexy Scorpio Moon.

Sexy Scorpio Moon.

I like it when stuff moves without me needing to know what the story is, there is a lot less temptation to hang on to the energy when the feelings are not luring you in with their siren song. Nellie Needy is ready to jump on anything that will confirm her world view that she just isn’t enough, Fay Fairytale will start to build castles in the air with absolutely no foundations at the drop of a hat! And Judge Judy takes me to task for all the things I haven’t achieved in my life so far, telling me that I’m a failure and that I need to pull up my socks and get a life!

Well I have a life as it happens, a truly wonderful and magical existence that keeps expanding into more and more happiness and joy. When you move through the shadowy corridors everything becomes edged with doom, kind of like those old horror films where the gore and violence is only ever suggested, and yet is all the more powerful for not being so obvious. I may not have had so much in the way of difficult emotions to deal with in this last lot, but I managed to stress over a whole lot of other things coming up in the next week or two, about which I am now perfectly serene.


As always, there are choices to be made and I choose to flow through my life with ease and grace, may my Scorpio moon bring me the intensity of passion and obsession about the things that will do me the most good!


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