Blooming Buildings!

Once again I am on the move! House sitting certainly satisfies my need for variety, having to shift my stuff from place to place a small price to pay for the stimulation of new surroundings, new energies. The room I am sitting in as I write this is full of odd angles and curves, it’s so different from the usual right angles that you find in most houses and buildings generally. I can feel my spirit responding to this environment with pleasure and joy, it enriches my soul. The type of architecture that is common these days really exemplifies the sterile, rationalist approach that is so much less than we are capable of as creative beings.

The artist and architect Hundertwasser was a great exponent of buildings that are in harmony with nature, and thus also more friendly to human beings too! I love his paintings but his buildings are even more inspiring,


Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where we are surrounded by interesting shapes, colours and textures, buildings that are also gardens that are not only beautiful to behold but that also provide us with delicious and healthy food. This is not some utopian pipe dream, all around the world people are finding amazing  and creative ways to interact in harmony with our environment as well as meet our basic human needs.

Even in the heart of Paris you can find lush gardens where you would least expect, in an urban environment where there is no space to plant a tree, Patrick Blanc has created vertical gardens!

Welcome to Paris, where an entire building
pulses with lush green life and beauty.

Patrick Blanc is a groundbreaking
botanist and designer that creates
magical gardens out of building
exteriors in urban areas.

See the ingenious wall system that recycles
the water in a hydroponic loop.

Imagine bringing walls of green
life to our cities everywhere…

Video: (7:17)

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