I ThankYou!

I feel enormous gratitude to those of you who have chosen to follow these whimsical words, I’ve done very little to broadcast this fancy of mine to the wider world, and yet you have found me, and followed! And there are those on Facebook who feed back to me appreciation, and the fact that my own journey contains reflections that they can feel in their own souls. Without your presence to witness, the journey would not be what it has been, and the joy and the inspiration that I feel as I write, far outweighs the pressure to keep up the daily posts, of this post modern new age fairy witch. Or perhaps I really am a princess, in my current abode I do feel as though I’m living in a mythic tale, where the knight in shining armour comes to chop wood and run the generator.


On the first of May I spoke of Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame, since that day there has indeed been a new energy present, and while very intense it has also been most beneficial. I feel as though it’s speeded things up, the expansions and contractions can almost be from moment to moment at times, and while this can be perceived as overwhelming, if you surrender to the flow you find yourself through and out the other side in no time at all. A bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole!

I am certainly becoming clearer about my vision of my life, there has to be a way to make this joy of being a wordsmith into something that supports me to live a comfortable life. I could see myself in a place like this fairy cottage, tapping away on my laptop in the midst of nature, going out to run my sound circles or to see a client, coming home to a warm cosy haven surrounded by stillness. Having the time to practice my yoga, meditation, to be in a relationship which is a practice of love and surrender, to merge with life and to be in ecstatic union and joy with all things!

And so it shall be!

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