The Sun And The Moon.

And so the ride continues, I open and expand with gratitude at my extraordinary life, then I am triggered into a release of tears and even a little anger, but mostly tears……….. I am sooooo tired, a big day, a big week, when I am weary it is much harder to cope with stress, and things that wouldn’t have bothered me at all tip me over the edge. Where there was some kind of clarity, I now feel confusion and doubt, yet in my heart I know that the path I am following is the right one, has the fool lost her faith??

As the flames fan and grow hotter, a black moth flutters from I know not where and lands upon my thigh, it stays there for a moment and then flutters on to I know not where. The moth operates in the dark and is connected to the light of the moon, what light does the moth see in me? The messages are many, she tells me of my ever-expanding intuitive sense, always huge but currently growing into what I can only describe as VAST! This doesn’t always mean that I KNOW what is going on in any tangible sense, with the influence of the moon we set out upon the sea of the unconscious, with no certainty of what port we will end up sailing into.


She tells me that I am on the path to attracting love, to continue on the path that I have chosen and to trust, even as my heart fills with doubts and fears. The moth has incredibly powerful pheromones and is confident about attracting her mate, this smell can be followed for remarkable distances……….the moth does not need to be overt in drawing her lover to her…….she is subtle in her allure.

And so I hold my desire strongly in not only my mind’s eye, but in the eye of my body, spirit and all the other layers of self. And with that in strong focus, I continue to step into my fullness, all of it, I shall not be overwhelmed for I am more than enough, I AM THE SUN RADIATING LIGHT TO THE WORLD!!

Blissings and love to you all!


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