Screaming In The Car.

And now for the conclusion to our thrilling tale! We left our heroine (that’s me), lying in a circle of love receiving the healing that she so very much-needed, even princesses have to learn to receive. In fact with responsiblity can come over conscientiousness, so sometimes we royalty have to be very careful to schedule in down time. As a matter of fact I’ve been offered the gift of a healing to help shift this latest round of stuff, and I graciously said yes, it felt like exactly what was needed.

So the toning circle was divine, and so was the avocado dip and other goodies that we consumed with our cups of tea, as the group gathered to share food and good conversation. But before too long it was time for these lovely people to go on their merry way, as my dear mother and I prepared to go on to a very important gathering. In the circle we had toned for our dear friend, who has received a serious diagnosis, now we went on to a gathering that came together to offer support and tons of love to this dear, dear soul we love so very much.

As mum and I arrived we came into a scene of action, bright lights and men striding around with cans of beer, then I saw that a car had managed to get bogged. I’m so glad no one expected me to do anything about the situation, the men were obviously having a great time problem solving, and so we left them to it. There was such gentleness and love in the group upstairs, food being organised, wine being drunk and eventually beautiful voices being raised in song. But the gentleness and my exhaustion had almost undone me and I had to leave fairly early, I could feel the sobs wanting to come out.

In the car I sobbed and sobbed, I waited till I got home to scream but it probably would have been ok to do it in the car, no one around to hear me. Another big release, and then I was so exhausted it wasn’t hard to fall asleep and stay there. Woke feeling a bit wrung out but my day at the market connecting with wise colleagues, and doing readings for clients that reflected back to me my own journey, helped me get through the other side of that black tunnel.

The sound quality on this video is poor but if you go to the 6 minute mark you can listen to Dory Previn singing “Twenty Mile Zone”, all about screaming in the car. And consider checking out her music, she was an amazing song writer.

Dory Previn.

Dory Previn.

‎I was sooooo tempted to blame my trigger this time but wise counsel and my own knowing helped me not to go there. Taking responsiblity for your own stuff is such an integral part of the road to freedom, feels like I have managed yet another leg of that particular road trip.

May the journey continue as I expand into my own magnificence!

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