This Land Is Me.

I connect to this land, intention flowing out through my roots and bringing up a sense of belonging. My soul is held and nurtured by this energy, even though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death. Going into the underworld with faith in your heart, knowing that your path is that way, and that you will be all the better for it. Of course it also depends on the choices you make, there’s always a choice and I choose to watch my pain moving when it needs to do so, as opposed to attaching. This place hath held me in such a deep, and such a safe space.


I know the feeling now and when the time for roaming is done, I shall find that space and there shall I settle. T’will be a foundation for a fortunate life on the path of spirit, all things will flow from an open heart and a quiet mind. Good to know what will serve you, and good to let go of whatever is no longer serving the highest good of not only yourself, but of all life everywhere. So be it, so be it, so be it……………

I have made such deep connections in this wonderful community but the land never sang through my feet until I came to the fairy cottage and became the Princess in her bower. That energy is helping me to become the Queen, along with the inner space that is opening up and allowing me to access much more of who I am, bringing forth great gifts and treasures for all the world to see. Everything is coming together and the final pieces of the puzzle are very close to turning up now, this connection with the land here being a most important and unexpected, and indeed welcome piece, of the jigsaw of my life!

Aboriginal people have a very different relationship to the land than we generally do in western culture, they see themselves as a part of the country as opposed to ‘owning’ it. This song from “One Night The Moon”, ‘This Land is Mine” shows that difference very clearly, check it out!

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