The Heart Of Attunement.

A while ago I spoke about channeling, for me it usually comes through automatic writing, either that or I simply find that I ‘know’ things. My writing is signed with various names, the Archangel Michael, Mary and my personal favourite, Saint Germain. It was St Germain who really opened up the realm of spirit for me in the mid 1980’s, he was coming through a woman called Azena Ramanda and I had the good fortune to discover him along with my mother and brother when we were living in Darwin.


At the end of this post you will find a link to an interview where you can hear Azena talking about her experience of being a channel, then be entertained and enlivened by St Germain speaking through her body. To me it is quite clear that it is a different person, in fact it is clearly a masculine energy, nothing like Azena herself. Watching him after such a long time I feel the same affection and pleasure that comes with being in that presence, not only is there great profundity, there is also a fabulous sense of humour. Perhaps it is because I am something of a wordsmith myself, I particularly appreciate St Germain’s wonderful use of language to convey his message.

I never got caught up in the debate over whether or not it was real, for me it was about being in that presence, receiving the messages, a process that changed me for evermore. I’ve seen other channels and there are some wonderful people out there doing amazing work, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my first experience of this phenomenon. He did not stay with us in this form for very long, and I am quite grateful for this, as it meant there was never any temptation for me to get stuck on him as a guru outside of myself. Not that I have anything against gurus, it just isn’t a part of my path, I have continued to communicate with St Germain ever since, he is one of my greatest teachers.

This clip is very old but apart from a couple of glitches it works well, it’s part 1 of 4 so if you enjoy St Germain as much as I do check them all out, I certainly will take a trip down memory lane when I get the chance, the information he is conveying is as relevant today as it was then.

4 responses to “The Heart Of Attunement.

  1. Hallo !! I am Gerd from Germany. I love St.Germain and this channeling in 1987 with Azena Ramanda and Leticia Ponce-Diaz. Question: Is there any posibility to contact Azena? Or a Website of her?? Does she still channels St.germain??
    I would be so happy to get answers of you!!!

    Love and Light, Gerd

    • Hi Gerd, I don’t know what happened to Azena but I do know that she did stop the channeling. Still some good channels around you might like to check out though, have you heard of Kryon? Lots of luck to you in your search, love and blissings, Kerry

  2. Hi! That St. Germain video just popped up out of nowhere while I was on youtube and I felt compelled to watch it. I was startled when she said that St. Germain was also Francis Bacon! I get him through channeling all the time! I was even more floored when she/he spoke of not moving forward to the next unknown and called it “chosen frozen”. I get that ALL the time!! He’s always saying chosen frozen, among other linguistic gems… It made me think- if Azena was getting him with the same messages back in the 80s, and I’m getting him today, who else is privy to this direct connection to wisdom?? It would be interesting to compare notes regarding all of the twists of language he uses!

    I feel so blessed and am happy you share the peace and direction he offers!

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