Living Small.

We are living in a time of great change and it seems like ideas on how to live differently are bursting out all over the world, I keep coming across new concepts and the latest one is tiny houses. I’m not sure if I could live in something that small, but there are sure to be people for whom a teensie weensie home is just the perfect thing!

A tiny house uses a lot less resources, its easier to heat and you simply can’t collect stuff because there’s nowhere to put it, it seems very much a reaction to the consumer culture that has dominated our society in recent years. You can even go and do a workshop and learn how to build your own!

In the video below one of the women who lives in a tiny home, speaks about how it has brought her into closer connection with her community in a way that simply didn’t happen when she was living in a big home. She has a different relationship with her neighbours and friends, the library and the food co-op, resources that didn’t seem so important before. I guess you could say that it forced her to become interdependant, something that our culture has moved away from.

Seems like the people are waking up, slowly but surely, we are realising how important community is, and that we truly are all dependant upon each other for survival. Not just the people but every form of life on this beautiful planet!

Here we see a home with one towel, one stove burner, one teeny tiny closet, and it resulted in one very happy woman.
Welcome on a new Tiny House video tour of these are eco-friendly homes, often on wheels that incorporate solar energy and they are tiny alright: how about 120 sq. feet?
What a concept — lose your stuff, find your life! Small house = Large life. Video (5:08)

And here is a clip about a book on tiny homes by Lloyd Kahn:

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