Keep It Clean.

There is a strange feeling in my belly which is a kind of limbo, I’ve shifted from my week in the big smoke back to the country and suddenly I’m filled with uncertainty. Glad to be home for sure and probably needing a bit of integration time but also going through a rather subtle and fundamental shift which is shaking up my inner realms. After all I have now completed another stage of clearing, the boxes containing what I am keeping are not here yet, but none the less, more of me is gathering for the next part of my life story.

A sense of the unknown envelops me and while it does trigger fear, there is also the excitement at what this new chapter may bring to me. Or perhaps I should say, what I may bring to the next phase of this marvelousĀ  and entertaining journey that we call life. As I continue to shed the old I shift the frequencies of my being and therefore my energetic signature is changing, this in turn changes what is drawn to me, my intention makes sure that this is a positive change!

As I reflect upon the inner shifts I am getting a sense that it is necessary to do some meditation that specifically focuses on raising my vibration. This may well be to clear energies that I picked up while I was in Sydney, but it is also something I need to get in the habit of doing more often. Energetic clearing is just as important as keeping your physical home in good shape and I can be a bit lackadaisical at times when it comes to housekeeping. I particularly like a short meditation from Adama of Telos called “Daily Activation of Light”, can’t seem to get the file from my computer to this post so I will give you the link to the web site, you have to sign up to have it sent to you.

The other important ingredient in my recovery? REST!!!! It’s a busy week but I will do my best to recharge the batteries, looking forward to yoga on wednesday!

4 responses to “Keep It Clean.

  1. I felt a huge shift occur last night and today I’m jittery, lightheaded and sort of “loopy”. I’m also using the bathroom a lot and VERY thirsty. I feel that same sense of fear/excitement you are talking about. I am going to try the meditation you suggested later. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping me feel less afraid of this experience.

  2. Hey Kaycie, So glad my experience can help you with what you are going through, major change can be pretty scary but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, travel safely and well through this shift, sending you lots of love and blissings,

  3. Thankyou Kerry for sharing your thoughts. I to am on the road to big shifts if in my life. Thankyou again for allowing me to read your blog and the link for meditation. I have signed up , just waiting on confirmation. Blessings Teresa

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