The HeartFire Gateway.

It’s challenging to rustle up the energy to write a post when you are feeling sick, the voice is slightly better but still very tired in spite of plenty of sleep. But I am forging ahead, my guidance last night told me what I had to put in this post and not much else really so it’s obviously important! The Daily Activation of Light meditation (, was easy to do and I felt really uplifted by it, but when I tried to do my usual sitting meditation I struggled to stay focused.

In the end what came through was that I had to write a post and include the link for the HeartFire Gateway, this is happening over 42 days and this is day 3, each day you receive an email with an image and a message. The first day was to inhale love and exhale gratitude, the second to enter the silence, access inner knowing, receive the guidance and to take action. There are such beautiful images and words in these offerings and they will only take a moment in your day. Imagine thousands of people around the globe doing this every day, building up the power of love, joining our hearts together!


I am reminded of how simple things can actually be, I will see how I go with some more meditation today and just focus on my heart, breathing in and out through the heart is such a simple meditation but so deeply profound. If you would like to check out the HeartFire Gateway here is the link:

And who knows, activating my heart may help me to find the energy to write more posts, either that or perhaps to surrender into more sleep………..whatever is best for me and for all life everywhere……..may it be so.

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