Starry Skies.

I am feeling very connected at the moment to the cosmos, by that I mean deep space, I find myself getting lost in the amazing images that are available these days of nebula and far off galaxies. It’s the ultimate expansion, but did you know that if you look at the microcosm and just keep going smaller and smaller, the images start to look just like the ones from deep space. Everything really is one, I have always loved the thought that we are made of the same stuff as the stars.


And you know I have spent time out amongst those stars, not in my physical body but that’s only one way to do it. It happened to me one night when I had been doing an hour of meditation every day for about two weeks. I went to lay down on my bed for a rest and it was as if I fell through the bed and into the cosmos, I was out in deep space floating without a body, and seeing stars and planets slowly spinning around me. The thing that made the greatest impression on me was the way the movement around me was incredibly slow and vast, and somehow time had ceased to exist.


If you are interested in going out on those kinds of adventures then I recommend that you put time into getting yourself very grounded. I find that the deeper I sink into my body, the further out I can go, my theory is that it provides a kind of anchor. If you don’t feel safe in what you are doing then your defense mechanisms will kick in and stop you from going on such wild adventures.

For more information about altered states of consciousness I would recommend Jean Houston’s work, she has written lots of books and also offers on-line courses, I did one of them 18 months ago and it was truly inspiring. She has dedicated her life to finding ways for people to access their gifts and talents so that we can move into the next stage of being human.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jean:

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