From Zero To Flow.

I am sitting here feeling like an empty canvas waiting for my inspirational muses to descend and to take me on a creative journey……… where on earth or in heaven have you got to my friends. Ahhhhhh, that’s it, where does the creative spark come from anyway? Whether you are writing or painting or even doing your best to organise an impossible schedule for the week, we all encounter those moments of utter blankness. Anyone who claims otherwise is a terrible liar and probably needs to deal with their deep issues of insecurity and self-esteem!

So here I am in that empty space feeling extremely blank, then all of a sudden the energy sweeps in and I am reminded of a half-formed idea that I was kicking around in the back of my brain. The question is what happened, how did I get from zero to flow in a matter of moments? The first part is to approach whatever it is you are trying to generate ideas about, so sit in front of the empty canvas or page and be present with whatever you are feeling. I felt a sensation in my heart and it was like the emptiness was physically present and expanding inside my body. Somehow from that place a spark of humour emerged and that spark was enough to get the energies moving again.

If you are really stuck then my advice would be to do anything, however ridiculous, whatever your medium let it roll out as a stream of consciousness and don’t feel like you have to make sense out of it. It’s the same principle as a good brain storming session, write down everything that comes up no matter how crazy it might appear, let your judgements step aside for the moment and allow your intuitive brain to run the show. That’s where our true genius lies after all, if it’s a quantum leap you are after that is the place to look for it.

With my inner world being a bit quieter at the moment I might have to test out a few methods for getting that creative flow happening, I will do the experiments and report back to you!

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