From The Sacred To The Profane.

So to continue the story of my interesting weekend, the first part of it was most beautiful and inspiring and I left the sacred space floating on a cloud of love. Alas, but this was that most evil of times when the people of my fair country were forced to choose between two of those evils, faced with such a decision many do take the path of the donkey and I can hardly blame them! I however, feel that it is most important to be thoughtful and to cast my vote with those who are Green and who would see a fairer and more just world for not only the people, but for the animals, plants and minerals.


From the sublime to the ridiculous, that’s how it seemed to my soft sensibilities, a reality where spirit is not even acknowledged and many prefer not to think much less feel. For those of you who don’t live in the fabled land of Oz, we are required by law to vote, there are many who fill in their ballots incorrectly (the donkey vote), as a kind of protest. I want to protest the entire system but I saw a long time ago that too much focus on this simply made me angry to little effect. So I choose to play my role by helping to shift consciousness, with my healing work and hopefully with this blog.


I handed out voting cards with a smile, and gathered with other supporters in the evening, and everyone was courteous and there were beautiful people who I felt a loving connection with. Yet I could not for the life of me manage to see the sacred in this mundane expression of the world in which I live, it took a musical concert with lots of heart in a gorgeous setting on the sunday afternoon, to truly bring me back to myself. Which just goes to prove that I’m human, and a work in progress, when I can see the beauty in our electoral process I might become so enlightened I will simply vanish in a puff of smoke into a higher dimension!

So remember, life is about doing your best not being perfect, no self-flagellation allowed, the most important thing is to notice when you are not in your heart, and to find your way back there when you can.

With love and tolerance………especially for me!

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