Feline Pleasures.

Today I went and sat out on the earth not long after getting up, it was the perfect start to the day, feeling that solid loving support from the Mother. It wasn’t long before mum’s cat Pushkin joined me, he is a very affectionate if neurotic creature and he likes to say hello and get a big pat. The sun was shining and the temperature just perfect, ahhhhhh……..I truly do live in paradise, and this is not even where the land sings to me all the time.


I sat drinking it all in as I watched Pushkin walk over to a cleared patch of earth from where we have been eliminating that voracious weed, the Singapore Daisy. He laid down and he rolled in the dirt, from one side to the other and you could see him drinking in every aspect of his sensory experience, his total focus on the pleasure of the earth on his fur and the sun shining down. For him it was even better to have one of his people (his sister in fact), watching him in his pleasure.


Sensuality, it is an attractive quality whether you are enjoying it within yourself, or watching another lost in pure sensation, feeling every possible aspect of the sensory realm and Loving It! Soaking in an aromatherapy bath, picking mulberries off the tree and enjoying the juicy ripeness as they burst in your mouth, leaving your fingers the most exquisite shade of bright red. The feeling of my Birkenstock sandals, like walking on velvet, silken scarf caresses the skin like a lover with the softest touch.


If ever I should forget what pleasure is available with just the slightest tweak of consciousness, I only have to spend time with Pushkin, he is the most sensual creature I know, being touched matters more to him than being fed! Is life not grand, and the wonders available to us on this planet the most marvelous thing you have ever seen!

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