Inspiration From The Vortex.

Coming your way once a week, join me on a whimsical, informative and at times profound journey into the depths of healing the soul………..mine……..yours………..the whole planet!


4 responses to “Inspiration From The Vortex.

  1. I am delighted to travel with you on your Journey into Wholeness …may Peace, Love and Harmony prevail

  2. Thank you Beloved Friend, may we journey well together!

  3. there is always a danger in investing too much of yourself in some one else for in the end there is only you and you alone

  4. That we are all alone is the misunderstanding that comes from separation. We are always a part of everything that is, the connections we have with special people remind us of this truth. The Ego feels alone for it is invested in whatever particular identity we are inhabiting in a given moment. The larger self knows it is not possible to be alone.

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