Healing Waters.

I sometimes forget these days that a very large proportion of the world’s population does not drink anything like enough water, in third world countries it’s because they don’t have access, in the west everyone is downing soft drinks and coffees. I too was once one of those people, I knew that it was important to increase my water intake, but somehow it always seemed too hard to manage, I would remember at the end of the day, drink a few big glasses of water and then have trouble sleeping as I kept getting up for the toilet!


Then I picked up a book at a tea house where I was working, I flipped through it and was riveted by what I was reading, I never actually read the whole book through but what I did take in was enough to motivate me to finally create the habit of drinking sufficient water. The book was called “The Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr F. Batmanghelidj, I sure as hell can’t pronounce his name, but this Iranian doctor changed my relationship to water for ever. I learned that what I thought was hunger was much more likely my body’s request for hydration.

He discovered this truth in what might seem an unlikely environment, he was in a prison and expected to treat his patients with no medical resources, so he turned to the only resource he could offer, water. To his great surprise the water proved to be effective with many of the illnesses suffered by his fellow prisoners, since that time it has helped people with a wide variety of diseases, asthma, MS, auto immune disorders, cancers, crohns disease, to name but a few. The water-cure is eight glasses of water a day and half a teaspoon of sea salt, it’s important to have the correct balance between water and salt in the body, it also needs to be the right kind of salt, sea or rock salt has something like 84 trace elements and is known to reduce blood pressure.


So if you haven’t caught the habit yet perhaps you too can be inspired by this doctor, and all those who have come after him, there are many stories about lives being saved by the water-cure. There are a couple of websites you can check out: http://www.watercure2.org and http://www.watercure.com, and below you will find a couple of videos, one about the water-cure,and another that shows you how to make a homemade emergency water filtration device using natural ingredients. Might not just be for emergencies considering that the water that comes out of our taps is generally poisoned by fluoride and God knows what else!

Actually this is a good reminder for me, as is often the case when I do research for a post, I drink plenty of water but probably don’t have that much salt every day. What I do have is yummy and good for me, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, I can highly recommend it, might start having that half a teaspoon every day!



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