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The Importance Of Organic Food: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.

spraying foodIt always seems so obvious to me that adding a whole lot of toxic chemicals to food that is intended to be consumed by living beings is actually pathological behaviour. Describe the process in clear rational terms and you would have a mental health diagnosis in a heart beat from a psychologist, yet it is seen as reasonable simply because it helps big corporations to become even richer. And ethics seem to fly out the window when there is money to be made, poisoning the populace is somehow the right thing to do.
So if you don’t already eat organic produce you might want to look at this clip of an eight year old girl describing her science experiment where she is attempting to grow a vine from a sweet potato. The non-organic potatoes are a complete non-event, no vines whatsoever even after three weeks of sitting in water, next she uses an organic potato from the same store and after three weeks there are some rather small and wimpy sprouts happening. When she goes to an organic market for her potato the result is very different, it begins to sprout in just a week and goes on to produce a healthy and vigorous vine. Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom that many adults in this corporate world would do well to pay some attention to!
And then there are eggs, here is a clip that compares industrial eggs to ones that are produced through permaculture, there is absolutely no contest when it comes to cost and efficiency, the permaculture egg wins hands down. For me the humane treatment of the chickens is probably even more important, hens in a factory never see the light of day and are crowded in together in an environment that no living creature should be forced to live in. No exciting visuals in this clip but worth watching for inspiration and a clear explanation of just why permaculture eggs are far better for us all.
So simple an eight year old child gets it, what will it take to change the way we produce food on this planet!

I Laughed So Hard I Wet Myself!

bumpy roadI almost decided to take a holiday on this post but my over conscientious  and obsessive nature won’t let me let you down. So here I am trying to make sense as I am being driven along a sometimes bumpy road by my Beloved, as we embark on day three of some much-needed time off. Ahhhh……… last the freeway is offering a smoother passage………so what do I have to share with you today?

Well the first thing that comes to mind s that laughter is the best medicine of all, helpless laughter over the silliest things and I feel like a child. A child in the best sense of the word, present and open to whatever life may bring to me and full of wonder and joy at the gifts that I already enjoy in such bountiful helpings. Laughing so hard I actually pee myself, embarrassing but true, you see how much trust I’ve developed in life! Well, would you admit to the world that you wet your pants!!


My heart, mind and soul feel incredibly open as I continue to move into this amazing new chapter of my life, my spirit dances and my intuition sings. The mind does its best to keep up with the larger me but this morning its feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to be coherent, much less entertaining or profound.


Here's Galadriel being all serious!

Here’s Galadriel being all serious!

I’m back and writing as we drive along, this is the first time I’ve walked city streets for a whole year and it was a tad overwhelming. Since moving to the country I am much more sensitive, it’s less about all the buildings and cars and traffic lights and more to do with the thronging energies of people and devices milling about in a sea of chaos.

If you want to develop your sensitivity and still live in an urban environment then I suggest you consider carefully what kinds of practices might support you in remaining open without becoming overcome by the sheer  volume of energetic traffic. Meditation is always helpful and there are as many ways of doing it as there are people. Any activity where you are firmly ensconced in your heart will give you protection and help you to perceive the beauty of life in whatever environment you are in.

The analogy for that state of consciousness that the American Indians call “Beauty’s Way”, is being in love. It’s a pretty nice way of going there but luckily it isn’t the only doorway, I’m driving the Love Bug quite blissfully at the moment but it is by no means the first time that I’ve travelled that particular inner landscape. I’ve found it through friendships, dance, yoga and meditation, I always joke about toning being my favourite way of getting ‘bent’, I’m sure there are endorphins that get triggered when we are doing things that we love that bring us into openness and joy.

Can you imagine a world full of open-hearted, joyful folk, all expressing their uniqueness in the world and creating a global community of co-operation and mutual care? I can, and the more of us that hold this vision in our heart space, the more likely we are to get there!

Shanti, shanti, shanti………peace, peace, peace.

The Light Of Love Shatters The Past.

Phoenix_RisingHeld in the light of love I long to drown in that sweet ocean, to let go of everyday cares and to simply be the hunger that rises in me like the legendary serpent nestling at the base of my spine. Energy moves in answer to my thoughts and sensation sings through this physical creation as pure bliss releases the old patterns, blinding white light scours out the ancient scars that feed upon current circumstance. Intense pleasure shatters the dark structures that have held such fear and misery, until only the light remains, a rebirth into new life as the phoenix rises from the ashes in all her glory!

Follow your bliss was a thought that once was so alien even as I knew the truth of it, like a stubborn fool I stuck to the path of the heart even as my very foundations were ripped out and set on fire. The fool that I was understood that to let go of all the stuff that did not hold me dear would not be possible without first tearing down the tower of old beliefs. The demolition crew with their triggers and jack hammers came marching in wearing the faces of those I have loved, those that I have feared, the teachers that were obstacles on my road, paving the way to enlightenment and joy.


But to enter into that ecstatic place I first had to sit with that which gave rise to pain, to doubts and fears, the guilt that ate away my sense of self until only a shell remained. And a strongly burning heart space that knew its own divinity even as it became lost in the dust of the construction site, don’t forget to wear your hard hat, you never know what’s going to drop out of the sky! Dropping the old stories along with the armour the rebuilding can begin, and here patience has been much-needed as one piece after another is carefully fitted together.


At last I am whole! More or less, more than enough to be getting on with and best of all, willing and able to receive the maximum amount of pleasure that this body can handle. And it can handle quite a bit, if you are ever in the space of not surrendering to absolute pleasure in a safe environment you might want to look at what the sensation is bringing up for you. Yet another golden opportunity to let go of stuff you don’t need, and with bliss leading the way the future can only be bright and sunny!


Enjoy this beautiful love song, my current favourite from Deva Premal and Miten:

The Present Is A Gift So Be Here Now.

From "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass.

From “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.

We live in tumultuous times and my chosen path is to navigate through shifting sands, while remaining fairly harmonious and doing the entire thing with a certain amount of ease and grace. Or  at least that’s the plan, I try not to get too far ahead with the details of what I’m creating, by the time I get there details will have quite likely changed, sometimes drastically so. It is the closest I can be to living in the moment, in that space a lot of the time but stuff does still get triggered, which will often bring up the past, and also fears around the future.

Am I house sitting, renting or living with my mother, the how, why and when of all this possibility continues to be perfectly fluid, I hold a piece of potential in my hand and look to the future. I can see how it might shape that landscape but in the next moment it might change completely. So I do my best to give myself to the moment that I am in, and what I find is that the present moment is usually pretty good, nothing to stress about.

I guess I’m challenging the part of me that worries about survival, roof over the head and food on the table kind of thing, we do live in uncertain times and faith is essential in order to be a calm space amidst the chaos that is modern life. The thing is I have never been in the position of not having somewhere to live, I’ve been living in some very nice places with my house sitting. And the food I eat is largely organic, and with very little in the way of processed products, as much a whole food diet as I can manage while listening to the body’s changing needs.

I am feeling a lot more trusting though, everybody is entitled to being a bit shaky from time to time, it’s called being a part of the human race! Most of the time I am very happy on my path, often intensely so, seems that the struggle has finally been let go of, as the  future opens up pregnant with possibilities.


So be it, so be it, so be it……………

The Lovely Bones Infused With Spirit.

Akhundova Samra: A photographer who captures spiritual experiences with her art.

Akhundova Samra: A photographer who captures spiritual experiences with her art.

With the number of people who have had near death experiences it is a wonder that so-called rational science cannot accept that there might be something they cannot quantify with their incomplete data base. When you leave out spirit you are actually ignoring over half of the equation, the proverbial tip of the iceberg is all that is left, and it is hollow without that spiritual reality that underlies everything. I’ve had all kinds of journeys over the years, using a variety of means to get there, and if you spend enough time in those kinds of spaces you start to become much more tuned in to that deeper meaning of life.

When you are seeing the light pouring out of everything around you, it is not hard to imagine a beautiful journey as we pass out of this physical body and return to our non-corporeal state of being. This kind of information is becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream and has the potential for enormous change if enough people begin to tap into this energy. Just the fact that someone is prepared to countenance a much larger picture than was perceived while attached to the physical body, has to help in meeting the issues and problems we have created upon the planet.

An interesting look at life after death is “The Lovely Bones”, where our heroine is murdered right at the beginning of the book, she watches from the world she has arrived in and sees the impact that her death has had on her family. They have also made a good movie out of it with stellar performances from Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci, it is a sad story but with moments of great beauty and the look at the after life is intriguing.

Have a look at the trailer:

And hear about the near death experience that inspired a book called “Proof of Heaven”, written by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon whose life has been totally transformed as a result.


Pirouetting Upon The Edge Of The Pyramid.

If you aren’t a dancer then perhaps I should explain that a pirouette is when one is spinning on one toe, possibly quite a few in a row, so doing it on the edge of a pyramid is a physical challenge indeed! Esoterically it is full of symbolism, many of the conspiracy theories have pyramids in the story and they can’t all be wrong, let’s face it, there is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark.  Someone mentioned Egypt to me today when I was at market, a brief spontaneous reading I received although I am probably more drawn to ancient structures in South America, there are pyramids there too.

pyramidconspiracySo the pyramid may be the sometimes precarious balance as the corrupt and power-hungry influences try to maintain a status quo that does it best to keep large numbers in poverty. Dancing and  refusing to toe the line and do things the way that you are supposed to, living a full life and being happy as you explore the inner realms, opening up as I become the Love that I AM. All this and more keeps me safe from the cultural engineers mentioned in my last post!

For me the pyramid is also a symbol of balance and grace, a gateway to other dimensions, the journeys that excite me the most tend to happen within my own awareness. Of course sharing that space is quite delicious too, bring in another unique awareness and it seems to expand by much more than a simple doubling, more like to the power of 10 at times. That’s with the energy of love powering the process, when you are in your heart and happy things tend to flow more smoothly, and if they don’t you tend to handle it much better.

Not perfection at all, instead the thrill of the edge as you spin and spin, seeing myriad possibilities in every turn, knowing that there are hands ready to steady you if you lose your balance. Feeling safe enough to let go of whatever is no longer serving you, letting go…………and transforming.

Shanti, shanti, shanti…………….

Reclaim Your Mind From The Cultural Engineers.

I stopped having much to do with the world of television, magazines and celebrity watching thirteen years ago, it wasn’t a conscious decision, I just became absorbed in doing other things. I was practicing yoga for an hour every day, going for long walks and sitting on the river bank and toning across the water. Around me there was a deepening shadow that was my lovely flat mate being sucked back into a drug fueled space that was changing her personality and causing me to retreat into the inner temple that I was creating inside of myself.

Sounds like a bad situation but when I look back upon it I remember how strong and alive I was feeling, when a particularly nasty character moved in I responded by becoming even more full of light. There was a poem that I used to keep the darkness at bay, my first experience of the power of intention, it kept me from taking on any of the dark energy that was all around me.


In a world that seems totally insane at times, it is so important to create your own space of peace and harmony, somewhere you can go to re-charge and regenerate your spirit and soul. I found this so much easier to do when I opted out of popular culture, you have more time to find your stillness and to notice what is going on inside your own mind. Over time as I delved deeper and deeper into myself I found the inner movie show a lot more interesting than anything I had ever watched on television.

So I couldn’t agree more with these inspiring words from Terence McKenna:

“You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”

Time to wake up!

Healing The Past: Relationship As A Spiritual Practice.

Manifesting_your_dreams_and_desiresSo you want to create or manifest something in your life, there are lots of techniques out there but pretty much all of them talk about setting a strong intention in some way, shape or form. You do the meditation and in time you get what you asked for, sounds so simple doesn’t it, all you need is patience and persistence. See the outcome and let spirit take care of the details. Actually I do believe that this is how the universe works, I just think that there is a bit more complexity in the whole process and sometimes very good reasons why things don’t happen exactly as you may have seen it.


Firstly we are human and often limited when it comes to seeing the bigger picture of life, the universe and everything. So what it is you think that you want may not be so important in the larger scheme of things, spirit often has other ideas on what is important and is seeing with a cosmic, timeless perspective that can be challenging to access when occupying a physical body. Secondly there may be inner obstacles that will actively try to stop you achieving certain goals, early conditioning and traumas that are held in the energetic imprint of our beings.

If you’ve been reading my posts you will know that I have been doing meditations where I’ve been using tools of visualisation to create and manifest my future. Ok, so I’ve been a bit distracted by being madly in love, but I have been doing them at least once a week which is supposed to be sufficient. None the less I have let go of part of that vision as I realised that there are more important things to be focusing on. You could say that I failed in my efforts but I don’t think so, there’s been radical change in my life since I began doing this particular work and my priorities have changed dramatically.

Not through these meditations so much although they certainly have their place in a process that has been going on for the last two years and I think they are good value. I never do just one thing when it comes to spiritual development and all the different methods I have used in that time have played their part in bringing me to a place where I was able to finally receive love in the kind of relationship I always dreamed about.


I will continue to do a variety of practices no doubt and the alpha meditations will probably still feature in my spiritual landscape. But my main practice for now is relationship as a spiritual practice and it is the most powerful healing force that I have ever experienced. It’s also a practice that is easy to do often and with great gusto, this is one example where it is absolutely ok and in fact quite necessary to fall in love with your therapist!

Ain’t love grand!

I Stand In Utter Nakedness Before The God Of Love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALetting go of pain in lover’s bliss, my waters flow as the memories release, of ancient hurt done long ago, energy moves, and thus it is so. I am held and I am safe, I am held and I am safe. I rise and fall with my breath, my heart filled to overflowing with tender care as I allow the tensions of life’s lessons to fall away, along with all the stories that I have stored and brought again and again to the classroom.

Surely it is time to enter upon the glorious new unfolding that opens out from this place of letting go, of deep release and feelings like rivers that flow eventually to the ocean, the source of all that is. Two travellers are we, determined to heal all of our sorrows, our song is a frequency that clears out the shadow and the shame.


Transformation through utter nakedness as I stand before my Beloved, nothing but truth between us and a love that knows no bounds, can not be contained or held within prison bars. My heart opens and my soul becomes a song that takes the slumbering caterpillar and turns it into the butterfly that was always present, flying  into the glorious dawn with wings of many colours.


And so I am reborn over and over again, each layer dissolving to reveal the light that is within me, that flows through me………… that holds my essence which never dies. An eternal being living many lives, bringing all the threads together now as the old age comes to its final ending, preparing to sing the stories of humanity’s growth into a new form. Bringing peace and harmony to Mother Earth and all who live within her sheltering arms………….shanti, shanti, shanti……peace, peace, peace.

Add Belief To Desire And Be Showered With Blessings!

ItstephenkingIt was so hot today I reached a point where my brain pretty much ceased to function, so I found a dvd at my house sit and watched of all things a horror film! An oldie from Stephen King called “It” which I remember scared the pants off me when I read the book, the movie wasn’t quite so bad but there were a few moments when I had goosebumps, which is fairly impressive considering the soaring temperature!

It kept me suitably occupied and one could simply dismiss it as a distraction but I can’t help myself, I’m always looking for meanings in things, and so I wondered what possible lesson there could be in this film for me. It’s the story of a bunch of kids who take on a monster who has been haunting the town of Derry for hundreds of years, it comes to life every 30 years and feeds on children mostly. It’s only the kids who can see the hallucinations created by this creature, the adults have stopped ‘believing’ so they can’t see what is obvious and terrifying to the children.

7" Cake Plate

There is a moment in the fight against the monster where one of the kids uses his asthma puffer as a weapon and as he sprays it he is saying, “This is battery acid” with total conviction and it works just as if it was acid. The message here is that our belief or strong intention can create anything that we desire, there is also a powerful message in the fact that the friends must band together in order to defeat their opponent, the connection that they have to each other creates a kind of magic.

Nothing is ‘impossible’, not if your intention is strong and steady and you are prepared to accept a little help from your friends. I’m still trying to work out how to apply this to my latest project, the celebration of the new chapter in my life, symbolised by my 50th birthday next month. But apply it I shall, life is currently showering me with abundant blessings so I don’t see why that shouldn’t be the case in every area of my life, time to move into the fullness of prosperity on every level of my being!

So be it, so be it, so be it………….

Here’s a trailer for the movie: