The Importance Of Organic Food: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.

spraying foodIt always seems so obvious to me that adding a whole lot of toxic chemicals to food that is intended to be consumed by living beings is actually pathological behaviour. Describe the process in clear rational terms and you would have a mental health diagnosis in a heart beat from a psychologist, yet it is seen as reasonable simply because it helps big corporations to become even richer. And ethics seem to fly out the window when there is money to be made, poisoning the populace is somehow the right thing to do.
So if you don’t already eat organic produce you might want to look at this clip of an eight year old girl describing her science experiment where she is attempting to grow a vine from a sweet potato. The non-organic potatoes are a complete non-event, no vines whatsoever even after three weeks of sitting in water, next she uses an organic potato from the same store and after three weeks there are some rather small and wimpy sprouts happening. When she goes to an organic market for her potato the result is very different, it begins to sprout in just a week and goes on to produce a healthy and vigorous vine. Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom that many adults in this corporate world would do well to pay some attention to!
And then there are eggs, here is a clip that compares industrial eggs to ones that are produced through permaculture, there is absolutely no contest when it comes to cost and efficiency, the permaculture egg wins hands down. For me the humane treatment of the chickens is probably even more important, hens in a factory never see the light of day and are crowded in together in an environment that no living creature should be forced to live in. No exciting visuals in this clip but worth watching for inspiration and a clear explanation of just why permaculture eggs are far better for us all.
So simple an eight year old child gets it, what will it take to change the way we produce food on this planet!

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