50 Is The New Evergreen: Be Yourself!


Today I am fifty! Well actually the truth is I’m not there yet at the time of this writing, but it will come out on the day and I have been contemplating the meaning of this cycle for myself for some time now. Some people see life in seven-year cycles, that makes seven sevens is forty-nine, all those sevens have a very mystical feel to them. So my final year of a big cycle was very challenging at times but as I drew towards the end of the year I began to see the harvest of so much of what I have sown over the last twelve years.

Gotta love those triggers!

Gotta love those triggers!

For a lot of that year I was writing a post every day so I actually have a wonderful record of a time of great transformation, very painful sometimes but each trigger is blessed for what it helped me to release. I finally finished the job of re-building my self-esteem in this period of time and I feel I can safely say that I LOVE who I am even when I stuff things up! And a mistake is often enough one of those triggers that helps to bring up whatever is in need of acknowledgement and release, feel the feeling and then let it go.


I am firmly in the new chapter of my life even as tendrils from the old one reach out to me, they can help me to know what there is that does not resonate with WHO I REALLY AM. My relationship is my main spiritual practice at the moment which is as much fun as I always imagined it would be, not without challenges  but with both of us on the same page I always feel very supported.

And younger every day, there is more and more of me  available to play with, so no wonder everything starts to glow. Thank you Great Spirit,  Gaia, St Germain……Demeter, Lilith and the Arch Angel Michael, deep gratitude for being alive and being embodied, and having the opportunity to play a part at this important time for the planet. Lets make it  a good time, remember there is always a choice!

So be it, so be it, so be it………….Love and blissings.

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