Free Energy, Free Spirits……..The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Enough of my personal journey for one week, let us consider the world we could be living in if original inventions grew out of an expansive and supportive environment. The ten on the list in the following video are I am sure a fraction of the ingenuity and creativity that humanity is capable of, one hears over and over again of successful cures for cancer that end up being suppressed. They couldn’t possibly all be hoaxes even if some are actually fakes and there are some alternative approaches that are well and truly documented and yet are still refuted by so-called authorities.

gucci ad

Exactly what do they want authority over? Our body, mind, spirit and soul is invited to dive into a commercial dream where having all that stuff that you can buy is held up as the path to happiness and joy. I’ve never had much if any of all that stuff and I have spent large parts of my life feeling happy and content, even as I did my best to trigger all the inner stuff that needed to go. So I could be even happier, that was what I noticed on the shamanic healing path, things got better the further I travelled upon it.


I’m not saying that I know the way, I only know my own path and give enormous gratitude for the obstacles on that road. So perhaps one day we will gaze upon a world with free energy available to all, renewable sources giving power to all our needs as we co-operate and communicate as the interconnected beings that we are. And perhaps on that day I will understand the point of all this suppression of creativity, there must be a reason for existence always knows what it is doing.

May the light of wisdom one day grace planet earth, just as Leonard Cohen hopes that the lights in the land of plenty shine on the truth one day:

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