Find Your Happy Thought……..And Fly!

Just the two of usMy life is full of happiness at the moment but there are moments of instability when it comes to where I am going to live as another house sit comes to an end. My Beloved and I are in need of a bolt hole, however basic, to have as our base while we continue the journey of house sitting. In the meantime I am in a space where I don’t really fit anymore and which doesn’t really accommodate the fact that I am now part of a larger thing, it’s we now, not just me. Now that’s a thought that brings a smile to my face!



Which reminds me of something that was in the movie “Hook” that I watched last week, it is a light-hearted bit of fun as a movie but there was this one idea that has been flying around me like Tinkerbell ever since. A grown up Peter returns to Neverland to save his children but he has lost his belief in magic while growing up in the ‘real’ world. He is trying to remember how to fly, the trick is to jump off into the air and find your happy thought. Flying may be one outcome when you shift your perception of what is possible, when life seems to be a bit tough finding your happy thought may be what helps you to find a way through  choppy waters even here in the mundane world.


And feeling joy for even a moment has the potential for reminding us that this world we do live in is just as magical and special as Neverland. We don’t need to create heaven on earth, we already have it………….time to recognise this truth and to live accordingly. So I am going to focus on the good stuff and be happy for what I do have, trusting that the next piece of the puzzle is on its way in Divine Timing!

So be it, so be it, so be it.

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