From Uneasy Belly To Joy…And Back Again.

The view from my seat.

The view from my seat.

I look for ways of taking myself out into the world while still doing all the things that need to happen for life to be supported. It’s better right now to be away from home where possible and that is having a rather delightful effect. I’m doing things such as writing this post out in my community, on a bench at the back of the library overlooking the creek at this very moment!

I can hear the kids at the playground and the cars passing through the roundabout on a busy saturday afternoon. My town is a bustling hub and it’s nice to be out of it in a peaceful fairly solitary place, but still in earshot. It’s warm with a touch of coolness in the air, fluffy white clouds in a deep autumn blue sky, perfect weather in fact so I’m truly glad to be out in it.

autumn clouds maleny

Life is good and so very worth celebrating anytime really, you can always find something to be grateful for. I’m grateful for where I live and for the gorgeous friends who provide such a wondrous support network, satisfying so many levels of my being. Even so, when I have to be away from my Beloved for as long as four days! Well thank the Goddess for the love that I receive in my community, the stimulation to my mind, heart and soul.

Big Rainbow


And any discomfort that I may feel from wherever it may come, is only ever temporary. I go from heart and soul brimming over with joy and love to uneasy belly, and then back again. So remembering to breathe and to connect with Mother Earth for grounding, I allow myself to be with whatever feelings are moving and I sigh, as I let go………..into infinity and peace.

Shanti, shanti, shanti………peace, peace, peace.

2 responses to “From Uneasy Belly To Joy…And Back Again.

  1. Hi there
    I just happened to come by your website from the Hinterland Times
    You may be able to be of some help to me
    I am trying to find someone in the same field as you (doing readings) and thought you may know them or know of them these days
    About 20 years ago I visited Maleny (for a reading) to see a woman Dulcie a very old woman in Miva St who had been recommended to me who would only see a few people each week
    I felt very privaliged that she agreed to see me
    At the time I was not very impressed with what she told me and left thinking poorley of her skills
    Now some 20 or so years later I am feeling so guilty that I reacted that way as everything she told me has come to pass
    Hence it was my intention find her to tell her how goood she was for me
    But her house is now occupied by people who say she has passed away several years ago and I am too late to show my gratude to her
    Hence this note to you as I rember Dulcie having a son who greeted me at the door,some people may say a St Nicklas look alike or Santa type with his long white beard and red motocycle leathers.Ive been told he has carried on after his mother,if I can find him
    Ive talked to people in Maleny who say,seen him around but dont know how to contact him
    Do you perhaps know him,how I can contact him
    with thanks

    • Hi Roger, I’ve only been in Maleny for almost three years now and haven’t heard of Dulcie or her son, I will ask people I know who have been here a long time and if I find out anything I will let you know.

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