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Shocks To The System: Life As A Classroom.

Jinki 1I’ve just had a series of sudden, surreal crisis moments, its like a picture gallery in my head that I can return to and view. In the first one both horses escape and the nearby neighbours come and help us get them back in. Then when coming home later that night from dropping my dear friend who came to dinner off in town, one of the horses got out again. In spite of being novice horse handlers we managed to get a halter on the old girl and we used her to lure the other cheeky bugger back inside, it worked!

Then today I decide to shower  after doing the morning feed and was feeling good as I reached for my towel. Suddenly there’s a big spider on my right breast and I’m screaming and brushing it away and running into the hall. The spider of course has made itself scarce, nowhere to be seen and no doubt quivering in its boots as my Beloved checks the bathroom. Must have scared the bejesus out of that poor critter! And I forgot to mention the removal of two large spiders from the house, what is the spider telling me?

Spider medicine has encouraged me to write in the past but I do that three times a week when I offer my posts, so perhaps I need to reflect some more on this and see if I can find a meaning that helps me to navigate. There is always a lesson in everything and if you choose to view your life in that way then you tend to have a sense of meaning or purpose. On some level I know what the next step needs to be and if I can surrender to that then I flow with the energetic currents of where I am at in my life.

Swimming against the current is exhausting and will create undue stress. People cut off from their inner selves who are not following the path of the heart are likely to experience stress as they are not in touch with the whole of their nature.

So I have a bit to reflect and think upon, I will keep you posted!

The Tapestry Of Interconnected Threads.


First Book in the series by Janny Wurts.

First Book in the series by Janny Wurts.

Funny how someone can leave a hole in the world even when you didn’t actually see that much of them, the connections between us all are myriad and can be felt at deep levels of our being. Today I would like to share with you a longish quote from an author called Janny Wurts in one of the books in her War of Light and Shadow series. I forgot to write down which one but highly recommend her fantasy novels, if you like them there are plenty in the series, something like nine books!

“Life formed a vast tapestry, with each myriad thread of consciousness interconnected. Birds in their seasonal migration moved the fine energies of creation here and there in the deep, knowing harmony of their existence. To a sorcerer’s sight, their flight paths traced glowing lines through the element of air, and spun subliminal links of harmony from treetop to treetop. The land’s disparate mantle of quickened awareness was not an unstructured chaos of live forms, but a whole cloth meshed into a fine, lockstepped balance, and tied by vibrations of light.

Plants, trees, and fungi interfaced air and earth in a blanketing tapestry of tuned energy. Nor were minerals inert. Their frozen imprint of individual signatures could be  mapped through refined mage-sight. Even in their most humble manifestation, stones and sand acted as place holders, keeping in timeless, faithful trust the calibrated tones which anchored the chord of the world life force. Rivers, rain, the oceans themselves moved the grand currents of elemental power. Weather cycles cleansed the world’s firmament and refreshed the planetary aura.”

And so she describes the planet Athera, if you could see with that sorcerers sight you might very well see those interconnecting patterns of energy, I tend to feel them rather than see but that there is much more to the world beyond the five senses seems incontrovertible to me.


Look for the beauty and you will see……………

Life, Death, And Animals Galore!

Jinki 1An afternoon of a dancing, prancing, splashing horse, some wild galloping and a bit of cantering while thirty year old Katie continues to quietly crop the grass. Unfortunately I didn’t get any happy snaps but I did ask her to pose for me after she had settled down and she was happy to oblige in return for a couple of pieces of licorice.

I have had such fun with the array of wild animals who share the beautiful land that I am currently living on, and the horses of course. The wallabies who come for breakfast every day and the parrots and other birds, ducks swimming in the pond, a huge four-legged wild brown mare splashing in the water kicking up her heels!

Another part of my day is that it is a public holiday here in Australia for Anzac Day, remembering soldiers who served in war. I can feel something brewing on that subject, with a dear friend just left us through cancer thoughts of mortality have been weaving in and out of my mind and war brings death to many. Not just in those better known wars but for the millions affected by it every day, many of them civilians.

But for now I am going to focus on the beauty that is around me, my Beloved and the dear friends who are gathering to farewell a good man.

smiley face daisy

And I will appreciate my own good fortune even more!

Lets Live In Paradise Now………On Earth!

earth day 1So it was Earth Day yesterday and I managed to completely forget, my Beloved made the comment that with a fire going we had few lights on, I said I didn’t think that was quite the point. I do try to live lightly upon the earth but I am sure it is always possible to do better and in order to inspire change we need amazing people like this young woman and her Earth Day speech in 1992.

Severin has a rather famous father David Suzuki, you can see where her passion  has come from, he is always worth listening to and has been recommending taking better care with the environment for a long time. The weird thing is that changing our practices would actually be better for the majority of people on this planet, the way things are right now only benefit a fraction of the whole population. Most of us simply want to be able to get on with our lives in as much peace and harmony as is possible with all of our neighbours.

Lets Give The Earth A Hand!

We only have one earth, trash it for ourselves and we are out the door, off the premises, gone into the dusty dim silences of the past, various parts floating in the space-time continuum. I read a book once about alien beings bringing back people from stray dna floating in space and using them as fodder in conflict with another alien race. The Earth will be there long after us more than likely even if we do behave!

blue geen planet

But why not enjoy this wonderful paradise that has such potential to become a shining light in the Golden New Age that is upon us!

Until further notice, celebrate everything! (Saint Germain through Azena Ramanda)

Inanna And The Underworld, Surrendering To The Blood.

Only just found this, looks very interesting:

Only just found this, looks very interesting:

Feeling a little hemmed in where I am at my market today and wondering what this is symbolising for me at the moment. Perhaps it is time to move on from this wonderful warm space where I find part of my family or tribe, I have a sense of belonging and connection and it is this that keeps bringing me here. It’s a beautiful energy exchange but there is another path unfolding, as my Beloved and I settle into a life together we will have times apart to do stuff and mine may be to look at the earning online as a writer idea that’s been kicking around for a while now!

Harness your moon stallion!

Harness your moon stallion!

Check out this website with some great reflections on the value of tuning into your moon time ladies, harness your moon stallion!

But just for today I am going to relax into the space of my moon time, as I sit here writing I can feel the deep earthing energy drawing me deep within myself. Anyone who does have a reading from me today will get a particularly good one, feeling very open as a channel for spirit today. Then back to my bush sanctuary where I feel the spirit of the land very keenly, it’s different to the fairy cottage I looked after almost a year ago, but there is still a deep, rather subtle connection going on.

Came home to my retreat to find the power off and so couldn’t do much, not even a cuppa, sat with my Beloved and watched the peaceful water of the pond. Letting go into the depths of the mother I did a reading for my love and that flowed as easily as the readings I did at market earlier on.

Spiraling down into the swirling depths and layers of the feminine, the unconscious, the unknown………….the mystery.


Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter……….Kali, Inanna.  This version of the song “The Burning Times” ends a bit abruptly but it is a good one particularly for really hearing the lyrics clearly.


Altered States Of Experience.

formula oneNavigating different realities, my Beloved is studying transpersonal counselling and he has been talking about mapping the various states of consciousness that we move through in the course of a day. I’ve always been fascinated by altered states, it was that aspect of Formula One that appealed to me when I followed the sport rather intensely for about seven years. Seem strange? Not really when you think about it, there is no way someone could take a corner at the impossibly high speeds that they do in an everyday state of consciousness.


There are as many ways of attaining various states as there are people, some of the best known would be meditation, yoga, vision quest, dance and drumming……the list goes on and on. And there have been people using the medicine of the plant kingdom to facilitate journeys for as long as we are aware of, a blink in the cosmic eye but for human perception long enough! Ayahuasca is a better known plant medicine that has been part of the traditions of people in the Amazon, it is a spiritual practice that they shared with the world and it is reported to help immensely with spiritual development.

ayahuasca image 2

transparent-bodies-moving1Moving my body in the dance has been an important way of shifting realities for me, you allow your whole body to become the music so that it is playing through you. This takes you into the perspective of your larger self, the one who is conscious of the interconnectedness of all things, that can see the interplay of energies as life goes on. Toning also has been a wonderful way of going into the space of unified consciousness, sound is incredibly powerful and has often been a part of various therapies I have experienced.

So find a method that appeals to you, with so much choice you are sure to find something that helps you to open to the divine within your self, and therefore everything that you are connected to, which is everything! If that statement is  a bit of a mystery to you then it’s probably time to dive on in, your larger self may have drawn you to read these words for a reason.

Do you know why? Would it be intriguing to find out? Time for an adventure in the inner realms!

There can be no better start to such a journey as the experience of listening to Terence McKenna, plus some amazing images, enjoy!

A Simple Life Full Of Soul.

happy boys playingI’m feeling very grounded in the ordinary everyday aspects of living, there is something very satisfying in cleaning and creating beauty and order in the space that one inhabits. Of course it helps if you live in paradise, many people in the world don’t have safe and secure places to live in, I dream of a world where no-one is hungry and everybody is safe and able to consider what they may desire beyond fulfilling basic needs.

So much of human ingenuity and creativity is spent just making ends meet, reflecting on the soul’s needs is something that most people simply don’t find the time for. And yet it is this very process that is required for transformation to occur, without a shift in consciousness there will be no change and Gaia will shake us off like a dog shedding water after its bath.

“…….care of the soul is…….not primarily a method of problem solving. Its goal is not to make life problem-free, but to give ordinary life the depth and value that come with soulfulness. …… has to do with cultivating a richly expressive and meaningful life at home and in society. It is also a challenge because it requires imagination from each of us. In therapy we lay our problems at the feet of a professional who is supposedly trained to solve them for us. In care of the soul we ourselves have both the task and the pleasure of organizing and shaping our lives for the good of the soul.”

Care Of The Soul, Thomas Moore, p4.

pink spirit soul

It is a challenge that may seem overwhelming to those who actually contemplate it and it certainly isn’t easy, but it is the only path that will truly satisfy the deepest parts of who we are. And when we are shaping our lives from a place of soulfulness we will probably find that a lot of the ‘things’ that we thought were so important, are not necessary at all.

Ahhhhhh………..the simple life!

The Earth, A Sanctuary For Us All!

Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Photo by Kerry Laizans.

We need to clean up our act on so many fronts as a race of beings, not only do we treat each other abominably, we also behave shamefully with the creatures we share this planet with. I am thinking very much about animals at the moment while I am living in a bush sanctuary, the rescue animals are not here but I feed wallabies and birds every morning before feeding the horses. To see wild animals so relaxed and at ease right next to human habitation is heart warming, there is nothing quite so chilled as a wallaby lying down!

Right by the verandah! Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Right by the verandah!
Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Quite apart from inhumane treatment our industrial culture is destroying habitat at a rate of knots, I am still actively appalled at an Australian Government that is allowing mining companies to dredge the Great Barrier Reef! If you are not from this country and not familiar with the reef I suggest you look it up, it is one of the natural wonders of the world, at least what’s left of it is. Not only is it being destroyed for our children, animals and all kinds of amazing plant life depend upon this jewel in the tourist crown of Oz. What right do we have to condemn whole species to death for our own short-term gain? Look at this beauty below, surely it needs to be preserved and honoured.

And then there are the incredible people out there who dedicate their lives to helping animals, “Last Chance To See” by Douglas Adams is full of human beings who truly care about our fellow inhabitants. To read more about that project check this out: And if you feel like being profoundly touched and moved, I cried towards the end, have a look at this footage of the rescue of a humpback whale and her beautiful dance of gratitude:

Erotic Moments Of Awakening.

anais ninSo here I am whipping up a post again and it feels a little bit like dear diary, oh boy I could do such a great x rated tale of events. But this isn’t that kind of a blog, doesn’t mean however that I can’t use the same inspiration to write some erotic literature, perhaps I will look up Anais Nin. I am more familiar with quotes from her but it might be time to read what she wrote, it will probably be different from what I would write but it may take me places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

anaisnin budquote

And there has been a lot of pain, very intense at times but this sharing of wisdom is very true for me. At the other end of sometimes agonising pain, I have come to the light at the end of the tunnel and find it good.

anaisnin strongwomanquote

passionate embraceAnd with that wonderful statement I will leave you dear readers as I return to my oh so courageous man……………after all if I’m going to try writing some erotic prose I need to go and do some research.

couple make love

The Honeymoon Is Over As A New Life Begins!

Boy_Girl_LoveThe new chapter begins again, my Beloved and I have moved into a wonderful house sit out in the bush, from spending a lot of time together in just one room, we now have a whole house to roam in! Today was moving day and I must confess to feeling a tad overwhelmed as I organised myself, you might think that strange when I have done so very many house sits and have the process down to a fine art.

But this time is different because it isn’t just me on my own, on  a practical level I wouldn’t be here because being responsible for two horses would be a bit daunting. But it is also a shift in my new relationship, this feels like we have had the honeymoon and we are now settling into a life together, a life full of wonder and joy and intense pleasures. Its exciting and fun and somehow we will integrate being together and still managing to operate in the everyday world even when we are spending so much time together.


Boundaries have been a challenge for me in the past and so this will be an interesting opportunity to balance my desire to melt into complete indulgence, with putting a life structure together. Always remembering that the most important thing is to be happy in my life, as long as the basic needs are taken care of then how much do I really need.

Dinner is almost ready, I hope kind readers you will pardon me as I enjoy my first evening in my new domicile, as my Beloved toils in the kitchen on our behalf. You almost didn’t get a post yet again but for very happy reasons this time!