The Earth, A Sanctuary For Us All!

Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Photo by Kerry Laizans.

We need to clean up our act on so many fronts as a race of beings, not only do we treat each other abominably, we also behave shamefully with the creatures we share this planet with. I am thinking very much about animals at the moment while I am living in a bush sanctuary, the rescue animals are not here but I feed wallabies and birds every morning before feeding the horses. To see wild animals so relaxed and at ease right next to human habitation is heart warming, there is nothing quite so chilled as a wallaby lying down!

Right by the verandah! Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Right by the verandah!
Photo by Kerry Laizans.

Quite apart from inhumane treatment our industrial culture is destroying habitat at a rate of knots, I am still actively appalled at an Australian Government that is allowing mining companies to dredge the Great Barrier Reef! If you are not from this country and not familiar with the reef I suggest you look it up, it is one of the natural wonders of the world, at least what’s left of it is. Not only is it being destroyed for our children, animals and all kinds of amazing plant life depend upon this jewel in the tourist crown of Oz. What right do we have to condemn whole species to death for our own short-term gain? Look at this beauty below, surely it needs to be preserved and honoured.

And then there are the incredible people out there who dedicate their lives to helping animals, “Last Chance To See” by Douglas Adams is full of human beings who truly care about our fellow inhabitants. To read more about that project check this out: And if you feel like being profoundly touched and moved, I cried towards the end, have a look at this footage of the rescue of a humpback whale and her beautiful dance of gratitude:

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