Lets Live In Paradise Now………On Earth!

earth day 1So it was Earth Day yesterday and I managed to completely forget, my Beloved made the comment that with a fire going we had few lights on, I said I didn’t think that was quite the point. I do try to live lightly upon the earth but I am sure it is always possible to do better and in order to inspire change we need amazing people like this young woman and her Earth Day speech in 1992.


Severin has a rather famous father David Suzuki, you can see where her passion  has come from, he is always worth listening to and has been recommending taking better care with the environment for a long time. The weird thing is that changing our practices would actually be better for the majority of people on this planet, the way things are right now only benefit a fraction of the whole population. Most of us simply want to be able to get on with our lives in as much peace and harmony as is possible with all of our neighbours.

Lets Give The Earth A Hand!


We only have one earth, trash it for ourselves and we are out the door, off the premises, gone into the dusty dim silences of the past, various parts floating in the space-time continuum. I read a book once about alien beings bringing back people from stray dna floating in space and using them as fodder in conflict with another alien race. The Earth will be there long after us more than likely even if we do behave!

blue geen planet

But why not enjoy this wonderful paradise that has such potential to become a shining light in the Golden New Age that is upon us!

Until further notice, celebrate everything! (Saint Germain through Azena Ramanda)

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