Life, Death, And Animals Galore!

Jinki 1An afternoon of a dancing, prancing, splashing horse, some wild galloping and a bit of cantering while thirty year old Katie continues to quietly crop the grass. Unfortunately I didn’t get any happy snaps but I did ask her to pose for me after she had settled down and she was happy to oblige in return for a couple of pieces of licorice.

I have had such fun with the array of wild animals who share the beautiful land that I am currently living on, and the horses of course. The wallabies who come for breakfast every day and the parrots and other birds, ducks swimming in the pond, a huge four-legged wild brown mare splashing in the water kicking up her heels!

Another part of my day is that it is a public holiday here in Australia for Anzac Day, remembering soldiers who served in war. I can feel something brewing on that subject, with a dear friend just left us through cancer thoughts of mortality have been weaving in and out of my mind and war brings death to many. Not just in those better known wars but for the millions affected by it every day, many of them civilians.

But for now I am going to focus on the beauty that is around me, my Beloved and the dear friends who are gathering to farewell a good man.

smiley face daisy

And I will appreciate my own good fortune even more!

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