The Tapestry Of Interconnected Threads.


First Book in the series by Janny Wurts.

First Book in the series by Janny Wurts.

Funny how someone can leave a hole in the world even when you didn’t actually see that much of them, the connections between us all are myriad and can be felt at deep levels of our being. Today I would like to share with you a longish quote from an author called Janny Wurts in one of the books in her War of Light and Shadow series. I forgot to write down which one but highly recommend her fantasy novels, if you like them there are plenty in the series, something like nine books!

“Life formed a vast tapestry, with each myriad thread of consciousness interconnected. Birds in their seasonal migration moved the fine energies of creation here and there in the deep, knowing harmony of their existence. To a sorcerer’s sight, their flight paths traced glowing lines through the element of air, and spun subliminal links of harmony from treetop to treetop. The land’s disparate mantle of quickened awareness was not an unstructured chaos of live forms, but a whole cloth meshed into a fine, lockstepped balance, and tied by vibrations of light.

Plants, trees, and fungi interfaced air and earth in a blanketing tapestry of tuned energy. Nor were minerals inert. Their frozen imprint of individual signatures could be  mapped through refined mage-sight. Even in their most humble manifestation, stones and sand acted as place holders, keeping in timeless, faithful trust the calibrated tones which anchored the chord of the world life force. Rivers, rain, the oceans themselves moved the grand currents of elemental power. Weather cycles cleansed the world’s firmament and refreshed the planetary aura.”

And so she describes the planet Athera, if you could see with that sorcerers sight you might very well see those interconnecting patterns of energy, I tend to feel them rather than see but that there is much more to the world beyond the five senses seems incontrovertible to me.


Look for the beauty and you will see……………

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